Rape Fantasy Stories

Rape Fantasy Stories

WARNING: What we have here are rape fantasy stories. They deal with rape and torture of a non-consenting nature.

They are rape fantasy stories and must not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted.

Some rape stories contain younger characters, tales of incest, slavery, abuse, Christianity and other unspeakable acts against nature. Remember, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, they are NOT real people.

Rape and Torture Fantasy

These are rape fantasy stories. I, Alebeard, don't know how I can convey to you how important your understanding of this little point is. If you have any problem figuring that out, leave. No really. LEAVE.

In fact, I plan to go on for a bit about this pesky little fantasy and reality thing for just a few more moments if you please. You see, here's the thing, and I REALLY, REALLY wish to just sort of drive this point home.

The rape stories found here are fantasy. No really they are, and they are meant to be enjoyed as such, so if you're still fuzzy on the fantasy vs. reality bit, try a nice soothing slurpee, but please, don't read these rape fantasy stories. SEEK HELP!
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Interrogation in Makinde - The Nurse
In the Central African Republic of Basemi a brutal regime rules through fear, intimidation and torture. The leader of the anti-government movement escapes arrest but his 19 year old ward is not so lucky. Then the search of his house reveals links to a young nurse working in the capital city, Makinde. She finds herself in the cruel hands of the Internal Security Police…
Nov 30 2016
Samantha’s Dubai Nightmare
A petite, gorgeous 19-year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.
Nov 16 2016
Story edited and replaced- This file also contains a new chapter (Marlene's Interlude 1). The first chapter about the a gang of three home invaders and the police investigator who tracks them down.
Nov 13 2016
Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture 18-32
Five High school Cheerleaders turned into slaves.
Sep 27 2016
My Little Doll
The process of turning a beautiful Asian lawyer into my > precious little slave doll.
Sep 22 2016
A Terrible Thing
Billy's been having personal problems until a dying demon passes on some very interesting powers which completely turn his life around. Much to the detriment of any females in his vicinity.
Sep 18 2016
Your name is Pig
Susan's dreams of a new start at college are shattered when she becomes friends with two girls who trick her into moving in, drug her, abuse her, and blackmail her into becoming their Sex Pig!
Aug 28 2016
Little Girl Lost
Teenage girl uses fake ID to go to local bar with her girlfriends. On her way home, she is brutally raped in an alley.
Aug 21 2016
Kane in Kansas
Kane wanders the Kansas Territories in the late 1870's, and finds a new victim with whom he really hammers his point home, while recalling his very first.
Aug 21 2016
A Hooker and her Daughter
A man has rough sex with a prostitute, but the woman offers up her young daughter as well.
Aug 02 2016
Here Cums the Bride
Stolen money turned this brides wedding day into a day she will absolutely never forget, in fact you could call it a life changing experience for all those involved. In part two the bridal group experiences some serious training in the desert.
Jul 27 2016
Get Even
So, you can't get your hands on the cop who busted yaour leader, so you go for the next best thing, like his 22-year-old girlfriend. Come to think of it, a night with this pretty little starlet should have been their first choice right from the start.
Jul 02 2016