Rape Fantasy Stories

Rape Fantasy Stories

WARNING: What we have here are rape fantasy stories. They deal with rape and torture of a non-consenting nature.

They are rape fantasy stories and must not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted.

Some rape stories contain younger characters, tales of incest, slavery, abuse, Christianity and other unspeakable acts against nature. Remember, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, they are NOT real people.

Rape and Torture Fantasy

These are rape fantasy stories. I, Alebeard, don't know how I can convey to you how important your understanding of this little point is. If you have any problem figuring that out, leave. No really. LEAVE.

In fact, I plan to go on for a bit about this pesky little fantasy and reality thing for just a few more moments if you please. You see, here's the thing, and I REALLY, REALLY wish to just sort of drive this point home.

The rape stories found here are fantasy. No really they are, and they are meant to be enjoyed as such, so if you're still fuzzy on the fantasy vs. reality bit, try a nice soothing slurpee, but please, don't read these rape fantasy stories. SEEK HELP!
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Last News
Iraqi Rape Squad
An American based company lures the girls over to Iraqi with the promise of high pay as sectaries, but what they forgot to mention was just how dangerous it can be for American females over there; especially the real pretty ones, and this story is here to prove it
Aug 19 2017
Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club
Kimberly Cross has made a small fortune figuring out ways to part rich men from their money. She is beautiful, intelligent, and devious. Over the years she has developed a formula for success. Seduce, blackmail, disappear. This time her ‘mark’ is familiar. Her ex-husband that she feels got off easy so many years ago has become wealthy and Kim wants her share. She couldn't have imagined that a group of former conquests have combined their resources and intend to stop her…and make her pay. This is the first in the series of hardcore erotic thrillers entitled The Gold Digger’s Demise
Aug 10 2017
The Egglayers
jill valentine from resident evil lore is running low on ammo and two monstrous bioweapons surround her and choose to use her as an egg incubator for their seed.
Jul 11 2017
The Punisher
Man builds an business raping and abusing naughty women.
Jul 11 2017
Saving a young colleague's life leads to the young wife offering herself, and being accepted. Meanwhile a junior colleague is stalking him, so he decides to take everything she is offering, and more!
Jun 08 2017
Agent A (is for Agony)
A CIA operative is captured by the Russians and raped, tortured and humiliated even before she is interrogated.
Jun 07 2017
u were kidnapped, now a machine will do the raping-
she's kidnapped, repeatedly raped by an adjustable machine
May 16 2017
The Hospital
A young beautiful English nurse has been recruited by INTERPOL to infiltrate medical facilities treating Muslim refugees. Little did she realize that she would end up in a hospital of horrors run by ISIS where inhumane medical experiments, rape, torture and sexual mutilation were the most common courses of treatment.
May 16 2017
Into Hell Again
It’s 11 years since Susanna Martinez was arrested and tortured by the secret police. But the world is a different place now – isn’t it?
May 09 2017
The Torturer
More brilliant electrifying smut from Electrosadist.
Apr 17 2017
Dulce et Decorum
An American spy during WWII makes a mistake and finds herself in the hands of a sadistic Gestapo officer.
Mar 17 2017
A Bad Reaction
A young single mother and her young teenage daughter are victimized by mom’s parole officer after she is wrongly convicted of a crime.
Mar 14 2017