Rape, Pillage and Plunder

Raping Trisha

By Alebeard and Adorned


This Story is Fiction, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, I didn't do it, no one saw me do it, she was like that when I got there, you Can't prove I did it..... It Is Intended for the enjoyment Of Men And Women Who understand the difference between fiction and reality, if this line is unclear to you, get help now. Rape is a serious thing. Part two will be along as soon as I write it, This is an ALEBEARD original, it may be recopied and freely distributed as long as it and this disclaimer are unaltered, please let me know if you plan to include this story on any archive. I reserve all rights. If You like this story comments are Welcome, as are flames and requests for orgies


Chapter 1

The Beginning

The first time he saw Trisha Campbell, Justin knew he was going to hurt the little bitch mercilessly when he got the chance. He had had lots of girlfriends that let him tie them up and abuse them, but he'd always really wanted to just take a girl and break her down in a way you just can't do with people who enjoy pain. Trisha moved into Justin's

neighborhood a little over 6 months ago with her grandmother and grandfather. There was just something about her that fit all Justin's fantasy's so well. It wasn't really the way she looked, he had fantasized about a lot of types of girls, it was more the way she acted, like a statistic waiting to happen.

He waited just inside the open front door of the his house for Trisha to come by on her way home from high school. He had planned this for quite a while and knew just when she should be by. He wasn't disappointed: within a few minutes she came strolling into view. She had medium-length reddish light brown hair that hung in loose ringlets down just past her shoulders. A pixie-like face and modestly thin athletic frame, her breasts were small but plainly visible straining against her tight shirt. She possessed one of the best asses he had ever seen, slight hips with a stunningly protruding ass that flared straight back in a perfectly rounded bubble, it was definitely something you noticed.

"Hey Trisha, I got a package for you," Justin called out. "UPS delivered it here by accident, something for your grandma."

"How big is it?" she asked from the walkway.

"Pretty big, I'll need some help to carry it up from the cellar."

She nodded and shrugged, following him into the house. Justin looked her up and down. He couldn't believe what he was going to do to this girl. This was definitely a dream come true. Trisha noticed him looking at her breasts, and began to blush; she was never very comfortable with the way men looked at her. Still, there was something slightly exciting at being the object of desire.

He led her to the door leading into the cellar, unlocked it and flipped on the light. He opened the door and held it open to allow her to go in front of him. "Why did you bring it down here?" she asked as they walked down the steps.

He waited until they were down the stairs before answering. This was the moment of truth. After this there was no way he could back out. The nervousness he felt was eclipse by his overwhelming desire to break and abuse this girl, to have her begging at his feet as the little slut he knew she would become. For this, his hesitation was brief.

"I didn't. There is no package."

She looked at Justin in confusion, the excitement of his previous examination of her had gone. She no longer liked the way he was looking at her. "Then why....." she started, her words cut short as he kicked her lean legs out from under her, sending her sprawling onto the concrete floor, stunning her.

At first observation of the musty room, you would never know that he had long ago set up the cellar as a place to take his girlfriends for their "Punishment Sessions". A bare water-stained old mattress sat on the south west corner.

The cabinets hid his toys until time for use, and his "work tables" could easily pass as the tool benches of a typical suburban home. Like those of the neighboring homes, the window-less basement was sunken into the earth, constructed with large concrete blocks. Water dripped off the exposed pipes that ran along the walls and ceiling, providing the room with ample anchors for securing ropes and other restraining devices. A large furnace sat along the southern wall, growling occasionally and providing thin beams of flickering light along the cold floor.

He straddled her long, thin frame, pinning her hands out in front of her head with one hand and looked down into her eyes. The fear was like a fine, seductive wine to be drunk in and savored. Any of his previous anxiousness melted away. The little teen's body seemed made for his abuse.

"Get offfff meeee!!" She shrieked as her breath returned in short gasps. "Shut up slut!" He delivered three hard slaps to her petulant, sexy little face raised in defiance. Recoiling, stunned from the blows, she stared, shocked, through tear-blurred vision.

He reached back and pulled a pair of police-style handcuffs from his back pocket. Grabbing her slender right wrist, he locked the cuff tight, the click resounding crisply. He slapped her again and encircled the left wrist as well, closing it securely. "Get up" he ordered as he unstraddled her and arose, pulling her roughly to her feet. She began to cry as he pulled her arms up, slipping a chain between them to jerk the cuffs upward over a thick hook set into a support beam. The hook had a second piece that snapped down closing the hook. He locked the piece down, trapping her in place and stepped back to look at her. She was still crying and obviously very afraid.

Justin felt a giddy rush as he reached forward and grabbed a small, pert tit in his hand. Her tits were about the size of a large apple but very firm, with a defiant upthrust, her small dark nipples pushing outward against the fabric of her blouse. He could tell she wore no bra. She often didn't. He was going to enjoy making her pay for all the nights he lay fantasizing about those ripe little breasts.

She began to cry even harder and started to beg in broken sobs for him to stop. Grabbing a handful of cloth he ripped the thin shirt free exposing her small perfect tits, O god, he could hardly wait to punish her beautiful breasts.

She let out a long plaintive wail of fear and humiliation. "O God, please don't do this to me, please!!! No!" she begged.

Justin stepped behind the terrified sixteen year old and reached around grabbing her small cherry-like right nipple with his left hand while shoving his hand down her shorts and panties to cup her little twat. Trisha had never known such utter humiliation, this was only the second boy who dared ever touched her in that place and the first one had to beg for months until she had let him get that far. Sexuality was always something that she felt ashamed about; it wasn't something she had been taught was normal for a girl her age.

She let out a high pitched scream, shoving her hips quickly back to escape his rough grasping fingers, grinding her sexy ass into Justin's crotch as he squeezed her protruding nipple hard between his fingers. Justin smiled sadistically as her small tit exploded in pain. He held her like this for several moments twisting and pulling roughly at the small bud of her nipple listening to her shrill pain filled screams. He reluctantly let go of her and moved his hands to the waistline of her small shorts, hitching his thumbs, claw-like into the elastic. "Time for these to come off, slut," he announced.

As his meaning began to sink in she began to kick at him with her unfettered legs. With one quick movement he yanked her shorts and panties down to her ankles, twisting the fabric tightly about them, trapping her thin legs together, and using the bunched clothing as a handle to lift her legs off the ground. Grabbing her slight ankles in one hand, he jerked the garments from her ankles with the other. It took a bit of a struggle but he finally got them off the girl. Trisha began to really panic when her brown thatched sex was exposed to the air, "Oh God please don't let this happen" she thought. She started struggling and earnestly pulling at the cuffs and hook holding her, he could see her delicate wrists beginning to chafe. He was just starting to undo his pants when there was a knock at the cellar door upstairs.

Trisha froze, she didn't know what scared her more: the idea of being raped, or being found in such a humiliating position. If she knew everything the boy had planned for her, it would have been an easy decision. Before she could decide he yelled "Come In!"

Alexis Korster, a tall, blond, cruel slut he knew and she vaguely recognized from a tough group of older teens that roamed the neighborhood, appeared at the top of the stairs. Her heavy heeled combat boots clunked down the stairs, Alexis wearing only a short black skirt and lace bra. "Am I too Late?" the girl inquired, her voice suspiciously cheery.

"Not at all," he welcomed. "We just started. Alexis, meet Trisha." Alexis smiled sweetly and approached the girl, walked slowly around her, admiring the young girl's body. She let out a gasp when she got around to the girls large behind.

"Oh Justin, god this bitch has one hell of an ass!" the older girl squealed with delight.

Justin swelled proudly. "Didn't I tell you?" he responded.

Trisha blushed with renewed shame as Alexis began to fondle her high, round ass, kneading and squeezing roughly. She reached under and slipped a red-tipped finger into the teenager's dry virgin cunt.

"Owww, that hurts, take it out!" the she sobbed only to get two more fingers jammed up her cunt sheath. Fresh tears of pain ran down her face as the older girl roughly fucked the girls tight hole with her fingers.

As Alexis entertained herself with the girl's tiny twat, Justin went to a small chest against the wall and unlocked it, pulling put a small plastic tube. He put this aside for later. Going back to the chest he pulled out a wicked looking whip, it came up in a single thick braid for most of its length then split into two thinner tongues each studded with small bits of knotted leather. In ancient times these would have been sharpened metal, a scourge, but this version only sported slightly rough edges. "Is the bitch wet yet?" he asked, mockingly.

"A little, but not much," Alexis complained.

"Well slut, I'm going to punish you until you get that little pussy nice and wet. We'll start with oh, say.. ten lashes?" he said, almost as if it were negotiable. He savored the words and enjoying the expression of shock and fear reflected in the girl's tearful eyes.

Trisha was already in a panic at the thought of being raped, especially in front of another girl. That in itself was almost too much too bear, but the thought of being hit with that evil-looking piece of leather was too much for the frightened girl. All hopes of getting out of this unscathed dropped away. "Please, nooo, I'll let you fuck me if you want but don't hit me with that thing!". The girl sobbed.

"Shut up bitch! You've been deserving this for a long time, shaking that little ass around like the little slut you are. Now you're going to learn what it means to be used like a good little slut."

"Do you want me to move so you can get to her ass?" Alexis asked.

Justin considered it for a moment, realizing that this girl was totally at his mercy. He could do with her what he wanted. Who said he had to start with her ass? "No," he decided. "Then how can we tell if she's wet?, No I'll just have to lash her tits."

Trisha started to sob and plead, she knew that whip would surely cut her tits to ribbons. Justin raised his arm and looked into her pleading eyes. "No, please don't.. I'll do anything--" her words interrupted as the whip lashed downward. The whip struck out across her left breast, the impact sending it jerking lewdly across her ribcage. Her pert tits bounced back, adorned with two angry thin lines just above the small, dark nipple. The bound girl stared at him in disbelief for a split second, her mouth hanging open. She let out a piercing scream as the pain hit "Aeeeiiiii, Gawwwwwwwwwd."

The whip lashed down for a second time striking just above the first, caressing the small globe with its cruel, biting fingers. Trisha let out another burst of agonized screaming, trying to twist her torso away from the whip. Alexis held her lower body firmly in place, with three fingers still inside her cunt, her other hand wrapped around the teenager's waist. The girl's small hole was becoming stretched and bruised by the insistent and prodding fingers of the older girl as she struggled. As Trisha turned her upper body to the side, he took aim and laid the whip across the tops of both her small tits.

Trisha opened and closed her mouth in mute shock. Justin took the opportunity to bring the whip down across her right breast and stomach. Trisha's World exploded into pain. She let out a quivering wail and began to shake with uneven ragged sobbing. he brought the whip up and let it hang in the air, savoring the way her eyes were drawn to the lash in dreadful anticipation. he laid four quick criss-crossing stripes across her small jugs, three of the lashes hitting her extended nipples.

The girl jumped into the air, ripping Alexis's fingers from her cunt and knocking the blond backwards. As she came down the handcuff's bit hard into her wrists, the only thing she could feel was the white hot agony that had once been her tits. Justin stood back in surprise, he had never seen someone in this kind of pain; his cock was hard enough to start causing him pain. Still he had to take his time. He waited till her screams and gyrations calmed before resuming. He had Alexis undo her from the beam and remove the cuffs.

Trisha collapsed onto the concrete only to be hauled up by the older girl. "Two more bitch, stick your chest out nice and pretty for us and I'll let your titties rest awhile," Justin offered. The girls tits were a mess of angry welts.

"Nooo, I can't, please I'll do anything."

"One last chance, stick those pretty little tits out and take another two or I'll have Alexis put your arms back up and I'll whip your tits until my arm get tired."

Trisha felt her face getting even hotter with shame, but she knew her tits couldn't take much more, sobbing she stuck her chest out for the whip. Justin raised the whip above his head, "Ready Bitch, stick those little tits far out... farther..." He swung the lash at her right tit, aiming the blow to crash pitilessly down across the mottled stripes. The wailing teen-ager fell to the floor rolling and clutching her chest. Justin motioned to Alexis who hauled the girl up again and held her arms behind her back.

"No more! Please! I can't take any more!! Please!!" she wailed out in broken sobs.

Justin just smiled and brought the whip down across the girls breasts as hard as he could. Trisha felt her world explode as darkness reached up to swallowed her.

When Trisha awoke she was bound with leather straps laying flat on her stomach to a rough old wooden picnic table that had been brought down to the basement. Holes had been drilled along the corners and the sides for the leather to pass through and a circular hole in the table allowed her tortured tits to hang down.

"Look who's awake" Alexis taunted as she started to caress the girls sexy ass. She let a long finger trail down to the tight bud of Trisha's asshole and started to push.

"Noooo more, Stop!" Trisha screamed.

"Well, OK, if you don't like my finger up your ass perhaps we can find something better to fuck into your tight little hole" Alexis said. She turned to Justin, "Hey, Justin, looks like the little bitch doesn't think my finger is good enough for her ass."

"Maybe this will fill it up better" laughed Justin while he unzipped his pants to pull out the cock that had been made painfully hard by Trisha's torment. Justin's pushed his dry cock up against the struggling teen's small asshole, he couldn't believe he was going to get to fuck his cock into that sexy ass. The head of his cock looked at least four times the size of her asshole and seemed like a highly improbable fit.

"Oh God, please, I'll do whatever you want, Please don't" she cried. Her ass had always been something she was a little self conscious of, out of proportion with the rest of her body, she knew boys and even men liked to stare at it, she had heard more then one boy say he would like to fuck her in the ass; the idea had always disgusted and embarrassed her.

Trisha began to scream as Justin started pushing at her ass, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!, O god it hurts, Please noooooooooooooo!" It felt like someone was taking a bat and shoving it up her ass, There's no way that thing would fit up her tiny little ass without killing her, she thought. After a few minutes of pushing at the wailing panicky girl, the tip of his cock-head her tiny asshole began to open up just a tiny bit, to Trisha it felt like she was being stretched apart, Justin pulled back a little and nodded at Alexis. Trisha was too busy worrying about her asshole to notice Alexis crawl under the table. Suddenly she felt a mouth clamp down hard on her battered nipples. "Oh God No" she moaned. Justin thrust forward burying about A quarter of his massive cock in the tight shitter of the young girl. Trisha froze for a second, her eyes grew wide, her mouth forming a perfect "O", she was unable to believe what was happening to her tender body, then she let out a wailing primal scream and began shaking uncontrollably.

Trisha began to thrash her body to the side as much as the tight restraints would allow to try and escape the horrible cock tearing her apart, Justin pulled back a little and thrust forward hard popping The rest of his cock into the girl's obscenely stretched asshole. Trisha was beyond sanity now, Justin's cock was at least as thick as her wrist, maybe more and the pain of having her asshole stretched and torn that far was more then her mind could take. She started hyperventilating in short panicky pain-filled bursts as Justin began slowly forcing his cock slowly in and out of her tiny poop-shoot allowing his balls to slap against her virgin cunt.

Alexis grinned evilly under the table while she kept sucking on the girls battered and whipped dark nipples, sometimes giving a hard bite to feel Trisha's chest jerk in shock . The pain of having this huge cock stretching out her ass was incredible, Trisha's vision was swimming through glazed eyes as Justin pulled back in a full long stroke. Trisha's wailing went up an octave as it felt like her ass was being ripped from her body.

The worst thing was the terrible fullness in her ass, stretching her in ways her young body was never meant to be stretched. Every nerve in her tiny little shitter was on fire. Her ass spasmed and convulsed as her muscles were pulled out of shape by the brutal invader.

Suddenly he thrust back in viciously, adjusting his angle to push upward, stretching her asshole in a new way. Trisha almost blacked out, she was beyond screaming, only a ragged moan passed her lips as snot ran down her nose. And she beat her forehead into the table Justin stopped for a few seconds and then thrust in again, changing angles to make sure the girl received the most pain he could give her. He kept her on the edge of consciousness, when ever it seemed she would pass out he would slow down a bit. It seemed to the girl like it went on for hours, in reality the vicious ass-fuck went on for less then 15 minutes before Justin could hold out no more.

"I'm gonna cum up your tiny little ass bitch, You little ass fucked whore! get ready"! He thrust in as far as he could and filled the screaming girls ass with wave after wave of cum, finally allowed her to pass out.

The abused little sixteen year old woke up still tied to the old picnic table although she had been untied and turned over while she was passed out. Her ass now hung out the hole where her tits had been, she couldn't see the old bucket that had been placed below her. Her once virgin asshole felt like razors had been used to tear it apart and her small tits were so sore that even the slight movement of the air hurt.

Alexis was standing between the girls splayed open legs. "Welcome back slut, enjoy your nap?" she crooned mockingly

"O god he's torn my ass in half," she sobbed. "Please let me go."

"Not a chance little slut! Justin left me here to watch over you while he ran out to the store for some more party favors but don't worry, I'm gonna clean up your shitty little asshole right now." Alexis took a small enema bag from the chest and went over to a small bathroom in the basement. Trisha could hear her rummaging around in the small room awhile before she returned with the enema bag still in hand as well as a small bottle. Alexis poured the contents of the bottle into the bag and hung it from one of the holes bore into the table before disappearing under the table. Trisha winced as she felt the nozzle thrust into her torn ass, but compared to the pain she had felt earlier it was quite bearable.

Alexis went back to the bathroom and filled a rust patched old pitcher with steaming hot water. "Don't worry, me and Justin plan to take good care of you. We plan to have you in our little family for a long time." She looked almost sympathetic, seemed to consider something for a few seconds. In a way she felt almost sorry for the girl she stroked the teens brow almost lovingly while she thought about the agony she was about to inflict on her, for a moment she almost considered sparing her, but quickly dismissed the idea, after all, cleaning her up was important "Now this first part may hurt a little bit, but we need to make sure you don't get any infections don't we?" the blond cooed sweetly and unclamped the hose allowing the bag, filled with a mix of rubbing alcohol and peppery oil to flow into Trisha's ass.

"ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHGAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDD!!!!!..... Hellllllllllpp Meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" Trisha screamed as the over-filled and tearing pain she had experienced before was replaced with a white hot burning, searing agony, her being turned inside out as pain became all she knew once again. The raw exposed tissues in her ass seemed to catch fire as the alcohol hit, it took a few more moments before the pepper oil took effect, adding a hot itching burning pain that kept increasing in intensity. Until the whole of her being became focused on the ball of white fire of pain that had become her ass.

After watching Trisha's sexy body shake and spasm for a few minutes Alexis pulled the nozzle from Trisha's swollen shitter and allowed her muscles to force the alcohol and oil violently into the bucket beneath her. Spreading her cheeks with one hand, she replaced the nozzle. A quick look at the girl told Alexis she was so lost in pain she hadn't even noticed the nozzle being replaced. Alexis carefully poured the hot water in to the bag and added a little liquid hand soup in as well, allowing it to flow into the panicked teenager and wash out the alcohol and pepper oil, it took 4 more bags full to complete the task, the spasming girl was beyond being aware.

Trisha was half in and half out of consciousness her abused body spasming and jerking, Alexis thought it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen .

Chapter 2

The Humiliation of Trisha

She came to slowly, her abused asshole still sending piercing shocks of pain through her body. Alexis had just finished re-tying her standing up, her arms bound together starting at the elbows and pulled up the hook in the ceiling , her ankles also together with rough hewn hemp rope when Justin returned with not only a bag full of new toys but with a new friend to help in the poor girl's ongoing torture as well!

Sharon Marguez was a young Spanish Domme he had met through Alexis,. Whereas Alexis was cruel, Sharon was just plain sadistic, enough so that even Justin had some fears about bringing her in , but she had assured him she would stay in control. Besides that, she brought a valuable resource to the little party he was giving Trish.

Sharon worked after school at a local camera shop and had her own photo equipment as well, aside from that Sharon loved to humiliate and degrade people, although she had never had a chance quite like this.

The sexy teens asshole was fairly swollen by now and would have to be left out of commission for awhile and her pert little tits had gotten fairly chewed up earlier, , but her round ass cheeks were still almost untouched and her small twat barely breached at all.

Trisha twisted her head around when Justin and Sharon entered the basement and gave a defeated moan, feeling renewed shame at being seen in this degrading position. She had ran into Sharon several times at school and like many people she knew, had a natural fear of the evil looking girl.

Justin went to talk to Alexis while Sharon's attention remained focused on the captive teen securely tied up inn front of her. This was a dream come true,, I cant believe he really got the little bitch, god look at those tits, they look like they took a meat grinder to her! Sharon thought.

She circled the terrified teen-ager , grabbing a handful of reddish hair roughly in her hand and lifting Trisha's head up sharply while cupping the other hand roughly under one of her small battered breasts and giving a vicious little twist, drinking in the look of fear in the cute 16 year olds eyes as new pain lanced through her. While Trisha found Alexis Frightening, the way Sharon looked at her was completely terrifying and she wondered if she was going to escape this abuse with her life.

Sharon Moved behind the girl, appraising her jutting ass with her hands and her eyes while whispering into Trisha's ear. "What a pretty little ass fucked whore we have here, you like getting you ass fucked you little slut? I hear you loved it!"

Trisha sprang into fresh tears at the humiliating words. " No I hated it, your sick, your all sick! Let me go!".

Sharon just smiled and pinched her ass and fondled her painfully swollen little asshole.

Justin removed a pack of high speed film from the bag he was carrying and loaded it into Sharon's camera.

Sharon pinched the girls sexy ass one last time and went over to grab her camera while Justin took a position to the side of the sobbing teen with the whip.

Trisha started to panic as she saw the whip " Please no, not again, I cant take any more, you've done enough, please let me go, I wont tell anyone!".

He waited for a few moments while Sharon took a few shots of the teen-agers welted chest and pleading tear stained face " O we aren't done with you by a long shot, little one, your gonna be with us a long time, won't that be nice?".

Justin raised the whip up, staring at the perfect unmarked ass for a few seconds and listening to her pleading, then with one fluid motion brought the studded whip he had used earlier on her tits lashing down across the tops of the girls beautiful cheeks.

Trisha screamed and twisted as the lash seared across the tops of her ass. Sharon snapped off several shots with the camera, mostly concentrating on the beautiful look of agony on the young girls face as Justin brought the lash down again across her sexy ass, he had used relatively light strokes with her tits but felt no such need to spare her ass any pain.

"NoooooooooooAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhEiiiiiiiiStooooooooppp!!!" Trisha screamed hoarsely as the blows rained down on her tortured flesh

Justin switched his next blow to the creamy underside where her ass met her thigh, evoking a long thin ragged scream from the girl.

Sharon, who was in heaven watching this bitch getting the lash, was running through film too fast, she had to concentrate on slowing down and picking her shots, she n got several great ones of Alexis masturbating while watching the vicious beating.

Trisha jerked obscenely as another lash kissed her pert ass, her whole body seemed like it was on fire.

" O god, O god, O god, no more, please, no More AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhNooooooooooooooooooEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

Justin stopped after about 20 lashes across the girls tortured ass, the twin strands of the whip had done a good job of covering her most prominent feature with distinct angry read welts.

Sharon snapped a few more pictures and then helped Justin and Alexis take down the sobbing and broken girl and lay her down on the cold concrete floor, they kept her hands bound together but removed the bindings from her legs.

"God, That was great" Sharon exclaimed breathlessly "did you see the way she danced when the lash hit her?"

Alexis smiled as she straddled Trisha's face "I know, she has a great voice too, OK you little slut, were gonna give you a little reward now, your gonna lick my cunt while Justin fucks you like the whore we all know you wanna be".

Trisha felt like puking, the last thing she wanted to do was lick the stinking pussy of the evil blonde who had tortured her, but she was too afraid to try and resist, her whole body was in pain and she was sure any more would kill her, she didn't even really care about Justin fucking her as long as he didn't put that thing up her ass again! Losing her virginity couldn't be worse than that, could it?".

She meekly put her tongue out and ran it Alexis's swollen cunt lips, fighting back the urge to vomit. The blond grabbed her head and pulled her up into her crotch.

"Stick your tongue up there....that's right, eat that pussy you little piece of shit!" she growled.

Trisha turned red from humiliation. Except for being forced to stick her tits out to be whipped, everything that had happened to her was completely out of her control, now here she was sucking the cunt of another woman like some kind of whore!

Justin spread Trisha's legs painfully up and apart kneeling between them while holding on to her calves.

Trisha let out a small pitiful whimper as she felt Justin's large cock begin to force its way into her virgin cunt, she was amazed and embarrassed to feel that she was wet, sometime during her brutal torture her body had began to respond. A sharp bolt of pain shot through her and mixed with the agony her body was still in as he pushed through her hymen.

She started to cry again, more in shame this time then pain as her mouth was filled with cunt and her own little pussy was being violated by Justin's hated cock. The last thing she had, her virginity was ripped from her.

Sharon circled like a vulture, getting shots of the oversized cock being forced painfully into the girls small twat, the stripes on her small tits and her face buried in Alexis's cunt, making sure not to get Justin or Alexis's face in the shot.

Trisha squealed in pain and fear as Justin's large cock slammed into her cervix causing her to twitch violently and scrape her wounded butt painfully on the concrete. Justin continued his punishing rape of the young girl. Changing angles to stretch and bruise her delicate cunt. He Picked up speed and force as Alexis began to cum, soaking the crying girls face with her juices, she grabbed ahold of Trisha's head and mopped her face back and forth on her sopping pussy, making cure to wipe the girls nose and eyelids good.

Justin waited till Alexis finished cumming, then pulled his large cock out of the teens ravaged cunt, fisting it his hand he straddled the girls torso

"Open your mouth slut, I'm gonna cum" He bellowed, jacking himself off

He shot his load all over Alexis's dark blond bush letting his jism flow down into the teens trembling open mouth.

Trisha started to gag and spit some of the cum back up into the blondes cunt, Alexis slapped her hard across the face. The terrified brunette knew right away she had made a terrible mistake.

Alexis got up and Pulled a long Cat-O-nine style whip out of a cabinet.

"Your gonna learn to swallow what we give you bitch!" Alexis yelled

The blond grabbed two lengths of rope and roughly tied the squirming girls legs out spread eagle. Slapping her thighs with an open hand several times, leaving angry red palm prints.

Trisha looked at the fury in the tall girls eyes in utter panic as Alexis raised the whip "you better learn your place fast cunt licker" Alexis said as looked down at the frightened girl.

Alexis was over come with rage, spitting cum into her cunt, what was the little slut trying to do? Get her pregnant?, she would pay for that. She spit into Trishas face and brought the whip slashing right into the girls cunt!

Trisha went out of her mind, writhing around obscenely while the thin heavy strands lashed down on her mound and cunt like fingers of white hot fire.

"You....will.......swallow........anything.......we.......give.....you....to...swallow........Bitch!" Alexis screamed madly punctuating each word with a vicious stroke of the whip between the spread open legs of the poor girl.

Trisha was beyond hearing the blond however, this latest pain-filled assault on her body was too much for her to bear, she lost all control of her mind entirely, even when the whipping stopped the pain seemed to go on forever. Guttural animal sounds escaped from the young girls lips as she continued to writhe in mind numbing torture unaware of the world around her.

Sharon snapped pictures quickly, going through a whole roll during the whipping, she couldn't believe how hot this was making her, she quickly got undressed after putting the camera down and straddled the young girls screaming mouth. " O yessssss" she rasped......"whip her pussy some more"!

Alexis smiled, adjusting her position so that she could deliver stinging underhanded blows right into the tortured nether lips of the girl.

Trisha whole world was a haze of pain, still she jerked wildly every time the whip slashed into her pussy, sending new sharp lances of pain directly to her brain, drool and cunt juices ran from the sides of the anguished girl to form small puddles on the ground. Lost in ecstasy, Sharon grabbed ahold of the girls head, pulling her wailing mouth back and forth across her pussy, pumping her cunt up and down on the little teens face.

Justin picked up the camera and attached the zoom lens, focused the camera in and snapped a close up of the defiled girls face buried in Sharon's crotch, he made sure he waited till there was enough space between them so that there would be no doubt of the girl identify..

Sharon was hypnotized by the thrashing young body under her. She loved everything about it, The screaming mouth filled with her rubbery pussy lips, small pert welted tits, the way she convulsed around the floor when the whip cut into her pussy, the click of the camera as it captured the whole thing, everything.

Sharon grabbed hold of the young girls small abused juggs and as she began to climax.

"Whip her faster" she urged the blond

Alexis brought the whip down faster, not caring about the damage she was doing to the young girls delicate tissues. Trisha's thrashing increased in time to the whip.

God, Sharon thought, this is incredible, I'm going to cum all over this bitches pretty little stuck up face!

Sharon rocked back and forth as she came in great heaving waves.

She stood up on shaky legs and looked down at the abused girl, her face red tear streaked face covered with pussy juices and cum, breasts lashed and bruised and her cunt an angry red from the whip, she decided she was in love.

Her three tormentors untied the girl and left her alone for awhile, still lost in pain, to discuss the next indignity they would next inflict on the girl. It was pretty clear the girl had been through alot already and they would have to give her some time to recover soon if she was gonna be any use the next few days.

Trisha slowly started to return to reality, her body was a mass of pain-filled nerve endings. Every time she moved it sent new jolts of pain through her body. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She was convinced her tender pussy must be in ribbons.

Justin stood over the tortured girl watching her become aware. "We are gonna give you a chance to escape getting too much more pain for today, but you better do everything we tell you, understand?". he inquired.

Trisha nodded her head quickly, anything to escape more pain.

"Get up on your knees". Alexis commanded, she picked up a riding crop and advanced towards the girl.

Trisha quickly got to her knees, whimpering at the painful movement. Justin pushed his cock at the girls lips. "Open your mouth slut, your gonna learn how to give head like a pro" he said.

Trisha was able to barely stretch her lips over Justin's fat cock, tasting her own blood and pussy, fresh tears ran down her face at this latest humiliation. Sharon snapped several pics of the huge cock being forced into the girls mouth. Trisha began to choke as he began to push into her throat, Justin just smiled and pushed deeper. "Breath through your nose slut" he ordered. She found tried and found that a little easier, still although gag reflex was hard to suppress, she couldn't throw up past the huge cock in her windpipe! Sharon clicked off shots as Justin slipped his cock in and out of the squirming girls throat, capturing the panicky looks of terror as her breath was cut off and her stomach rebelled..

Justin kept raping the teens throat for nearly a half hour, pushing his cock all the way down until she couldn't breath and began to panic and then pulling it free again, sometimes he would pump it in quickly, using her throat like a pussy or making her use her tongue on him, all the time Sharon and Alexis taunted the girl, they whispered in her ear what a slut she was, how she liked getting her ass and pussy fucked and called her a cunt licker, all the time prodding her with the riding crop and taking pictures.

Sharon was almost out of film so she took her shots carefully, saving a few for the nights finale. She was going to have alot of extra work to do tonight at the camera shop.

Justin pushed his cock all the way into the girls throat as he poured his cum down into her stomach, causing the poor girl to choke and sputter around the thick shaft. Finally he pulled himself free from her throat when it looked like she was gonna pass out.

Trisha collapsed onto the floor gasping for air and gagging. Alexis waited a few moments then slashed the crop across Trisha's hip. " Get Up!" she barked. Trisha quickly tried to get back up but slipped and fell back, earning her a stinging lash across her ass. Finally the girl made it to her feet.

"Turn around and stick out that ass, bitch" Sharon commanded. Trisha slowly turned around and thrust her welted ass back towards Sharon, "farther you slutty little whore!". Trisha winced as she pushed back even further.

Sharon took the crop and slowly worked the handle into the little teens swollen raw asshole, causing her to gasp and try to pull back, a quick slap on the face reminded her to hold her position. Sharon worked the whole of the handle into the girls ass then stepped back and took a picture. She slipped the crop out quickly and was rewarded by a sharp scream.

They made Trisha lay down with her legs open and spread her battered pussy lips for them, then they had her stick her tongue as far as she could up Sharon's asshole and fuck it in and out, they even made her fuck herself with a banana while Justin jerked off one last time on her face. They took pictures of it all.

They laid the girl on top of the old mattress and handcuffed her wrists together, looping a length of chain through the links between the cuffs and securing it around a pipe with a padlock.

Sharon collected her film and went off to work after toying with Trisha's body a little more.

Justin and Alexis lay on either side of the girl, still horny from the days events, they tweaked the teens nipples while French kissing above her, sometimes making her spread her legs so they could deliver light slaps to her abused pussy or work a finger into her asshole.

They fell asleep hours later with Trisha between them, it took substantially more time for the girl to fall asleep.

Sharon stayed very late in the shop that night, well past closing she was still running the three huge developing machines, producing over two thousand full color pictures by the time the sky began to lighten with the coming dawn and the exhausted girl shut down the machines and locked up the shop, it would almost be time to meet Hermit

Hermit was a local vagrant, most people in town didn't even know he existed, he lived under the old washed out bridge just west of Market Ave.

Justin had paid him over $500 for his part in the plan and bought him a one way bus ticket to Los Angeles, he had also been shaved and cleaned up alot., anyone that knew him from around town would never suspect who he was.

Hermit sold copies of the pictures to several groups of local teen-agers, some high school football players, a group of local stoners, some young gang members, even the chess club. He met Sharon several hours later to divide the money and board his bus, he made sure to keep a set for himself. By the next day the pictures of Trisha's rape and abuse were the talk of the town.

Chapter 3

Breaking Trisha's Spirit

Trisha was left more or less alone for the next 6 days. The Police were searching for the source of the pictures, which by now had made national news, all inquiries led back to the mysterious stranger who was now safely in Los Angeles.

Trisha had been forced to give Justin all the head he wanted as well as eat out both Sharon and Alexis several times a day, other then a few slaps with the crop however she hadn't been abused at all since the first day. The bruises on her tits and ass had all but faded and her asshole was no longer swollen.

The girl awoke, tied to the table, and immediately began to cry, she had been told repeatedly her reprieve from abuse would end today. A quick look around the basement confirmed her fears. A new coil of rope was by the door and several whips and a couple canes were lain out on the benches.

She laid there for nearly an hour, dreading what would happen to her. Justin, Alexis and Sharon came down the stairs. Trisha begged them with her eyes as the approached, but found only sadistic glee in return. Sharon carried a large bag of camera equipment and Justin had brought a tripod which he quickly set up near the center of the room mounting a small high tech video camera on top of it.

Trisha began to panic when she saw the device Justin brought down the stairs next. A massive spiked hard plastic dildo was mounted on a sturdy wooden tripod. Leather restraints attached at the bottom. "O my god, that thing will kill me" she thought. The dildo was much thicker than Justin's cock, and that had nearly driven her out of her mind with pain when he fucked it into her precious body.

Justin looked into the eyes of his victim just as she was beginning to cry. He kept his eyes locked on hers as he moved the dildo down to the mouth of her tiny pussy, holding it there while the camera caught the contrasting sizes of the giant plastic cock and the small pink opening. Sharon took the camera off the tripod and moved on for a closer shot as Justin twisted the pushed the head of the dildo between the crying girls pink cunt lips.

Trisha felt like she was being torn apart as the hard unyielding head of the dildo forced its way inside her, she thrashed around on the table as Sharon recorded every expression on her face and panned back to capture the horrible rape.

"Nooooo, please, ill do anything, please just fuck me, take it out! Please take it out!" she screamed as he twisted and pushed the dildo further inside her. "Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddd Nooooo!" The dildo filled her up to the breaking point while the hard spikes scoured her tender insides. Her body jerked and spasmed uncontrollably as Justin began sawing the dildo into her with a twisting motion, moving farther and farther insider her with each stroke.

Sharon recorded the glassy-eyed panic on the girls face as well as the continuing screams and pleas for mercy, moving the camera to the young girls taunt belly where the dildo could be seen underneath the skin as it bulged up, you could even make out the spikes as they pushed her insides up.

Trisha felt like she was going to pass out as the brutal rape continued, she was drooling and sobbing, begging Justin to stop, but he just looked into her eyes and continued to saw the hard piece of plastic in and out of her young body, when he finally got it all the way up her cunt, he began to move it in and out faster. The pain was intense, even more so was the feeling of fullness and the rough knobs scraping along the tender silken walls of her cunt. She kept spasming and quivering lewdly as he raped her. After about 15 minutes of excruciating torture he took the dildo out, but her body kept shaking and spasming, Sharon make sure to get plenty of film of her raw gaping pussy.

Alexis went and retrieved a small, wicked looking quirt and the extra coil of rope. They quickly untied her hands which up to now had been tied above her head , pulling her arms down they yanked and stretched her arms uncomfortably under the table, forcing her tits up and arching her back, binding her wrists as close together as they could get them under the table. They then bound her waist to the table with a length of rope using it like a belt and running it under the table as well, , while her chest was thrust up, she couldn't mover her hips up to take off any of the pressure off. They then tied her legs far apart and bent at the knees to the holes at the side of the table.

The camera panned up the girls legs, stopping briefly at her tortured cunt before moving up to her upthrust tits and pain-filled face, the camera zoomed in on the face until it filled the scene, the sound of the quirt falling could be heard as well as Trisha's screams although watching the video you could not see where the quirt was falling. The looks on the pixie like face of Trisha were incredible, the agony each time the quirt struck, which built for a few moments as the pain sank in, the terror as her eyes followed the quirt off camera as it came down, the pleading tear-streaked eyes, the screaming mouth....it was to become the stuff of legend.

Justin lashed the girls tits with hard brutal strokes, giving each a good time to set in and letting the girl recover a bit so that Sharon could catch her plea's on camera when she could stop screaming and sobbing, each stroke left a thin, raised blood-red welt on the small pale breasts of the young girl. Justin took his time, enjoying the methodical painting of her pert little tits with agony.

Sharon finally panned the camera down to the screaming girls chest, zooming out some to keep her face in the shot, the effect was great, from the tops of her tits to about an inch above her nipples the skin was a large red-purple welt. The crop came down again on the top most part of the welted area as the now hoarse scream of the girl rang out again, her eyes looked magnificent! Filled with wild panic and pain, Sharon thought she had never seen anything quite like it. The girl had lost all hope of being released from the pain, that was obvious from the look on her face, she was lost in the pain and violation of both her brutal rape and the vicious whipping. The crop fell like clockwork every few moments, slowly painting a solid wall of welting down the bouncing upthrust tits until he got to right above the nipples, of each breast, striking one, then the other breast as she screamed and wailed in broken sobs. He then began below the nipples, taking his time as the white skin of the undersides of her tits was centimeter by centimeter turned into a solid purple welt with the camera capturing the expressions on the young teens agonized face.

Sharon was amazed that the girl had not passed out yet, her tits were nearly entirely purple bruised welts, they had swollen quite a bit larger then they normally were. The quirt finally reached the tender under-area where her tits met her ribcage. Justin spent a long time lashing her there until the skin broke a bit. He then finished up by lashing the girls small nipples.

Trisha was mad with pain already, when he started with her nipples she knew she could not stand it long, her vision was already swimming, when he was lashing her tits she prayed to pass out, but he always gave enough time to recover so that didn't happen, she could count inside her head for awhile to wait for the next stroke and prepare somewhat, then she became completely lost. She could still feel the pain in her ravaged cunt and the agony of her tits was worse she thought because of the long methodical way he was doing it. All that changed when he started on her nipples, striking one and then the other, quickly building up speed until he was lashing at her small buds without pause. She felt her world slide off to the side and go black.

Justin kept the quirt falling on her nipples till she passed out then stopped.

Trisha spent the next week locked in the master bedroom of the house, Justin had placed safety bars on the window a few year earlier after a break-in and it had its own bathroom. They had little need to worry about her trying to get away though, after her last experience something inside her had broke. It would be weeks before the bruises and swelling on her chest faded, but her mind and spirit would take far longer to heal , if ever. Except for bringing her food and water, which they had to threaten her into eating, they had agreed to leave her mostly alone physically. Still they spent much of each day in the room with her, telling her what a slut she was and having her down all fours with her pert ass up in the air while one of them fingered her asshole or gave her a few swats on her jutting little rear. The terror of when they would return to abusing her filled her mind and paralyzed her, she knew they would not wait too long.

The Video was copied off and sent to those who had most enjoyed the pictures as well as people Justin knew in New York, Los Angeles, Denver and Cincinnati. The tape was destined to become an underground favorite, the shots of Trisha's face in such agony would even be used on a Nightline special on Rape in America.

Once again they waited for the bruising and swelling to fade before torturing the girl again, during the two weeks it took for her body to heal completely and her mind to recover somewhat from the shock, the three kidnappers continued the modification of Justin's house. The large room had been set up as the new center for Trisha's abuse, eyehooks had been placed into studs along the ceiling, floor and walls, a modified wooden sawhorse had been bolted to the floor, all the whips had been hung on the walls, assorted equipment brought in as well and the window was blacked out with heavy cloth. They didn't have to worry too much about the noise, the outer walls were made of brick.

The young girl knew more or less what was coming as soon as they led her out to the room, she began to cry immediately. Far from becoming sensitized to the abuse, the long waits before each session built up her fear and loathing to peak levels.

Justin attached handcuffs to her wrists and leg cuffs between her legs to limit her movement.

"Get on your hands and knees little cunt" Alexis snarled. The three of them waited expectantly while the girl decided what to do, you could almost see the self-loathing take her over as she got down on all fours. The group laughed and sat down in opposite corners of the room. There was no reason to rush things anymore, the girls spirit had been broken. Sharon who was sitting closest to the wall with the whips grabbed a long buggy whip for herself and threw a Justin a light singletail whip and a very long lunge whip for Alexis.

Trisha felt completely lost as Alexis ordered her to crawl slowly around the room with her ass up in the air. She began to move slowly as Sharon whipped the buggy whip across the back of her thighs bringing out a sharp squeal and raising a nice welt. "Get moving slut" Sharon barked at her. " Your gonna get beat everytime you stop without permission bitch" she snarled. The young teen began to crawl on the floor

The three of them joked and kicked back while the girl crawled around the room, making a path around the pieces of furniture, as soon as she lowered her ass somewhat three whips sang out to kiss her perfectly round ass.

"AHHHIIIIIIEEEEEE" Nooooooo!!!!!!" she rolled on to her back.

"Get back to crawling " Justin commanded as he snapped the singletail just above her breasts.

She quickly got on her hands and knees again and started moving around the room, she sobbed and cried as they mocked her and snapped their whips in the air around her. Each time the crack of a whip went off she cringed and shook. After a few minutes she got herself into a corner and had to turn around, Alexis rained 5 strokes on her shoulders and back before she could get turned around and start moving again. She was crying so hard he couldn't see when she came up to a chair leg and stopped. Justin aimed the evil singletail at one of her small hanging tits and popped it, catching her perfectly on the sensitive nipple. Trisha rolled to her back and screamed. Alexis stood up and lashed her legs while the shaking girl tried to right herself, each time she tried Alexis lashed her legs making her fall back again. When she finally was able to Justin got behind her and undid his pants.

Trisha started sobbing in a broken surrender as she felt him press his cock at her poor asshole. He steadily forced his cock up her upturned perfect little stripped ass. The young girls shitter spasmed and convulsed in agony as she was stretched and violated again by his thick cock. She could hear the girls laughing at her but the sounds were distant, all she could think of was the pain and the humiliation of what she had become, nothing but a gutterslut to be assraped for the sick amusement of these sadistic bastards. Justin was grabbing onto her small hips and forcing her ass up and back while pushing her chest down into the carpet, forcing inch after inch of himself into her tight little ass, pulling out a little and then thrusting forward as he pulls her towards him. "NoooooooooPllllllleeeeeeNNnooooooooooooSttoooppppppp!!!" she pleaded. She knew it was useless but her mind wouldnt let her stop trying to do anything she could to stop the cramping overfull stretching of her tiny little ass. Her body thrashed side to side as far as she could go, which in truth only added to the brutal raping of her ass, but she couldnt stop.

"Please no more! Your killing me!!! Please make it stop"!!!!!!" She sobbed and yelled as he steadily sodomized her. The dreadful terror and loathing that had haunted her the past nights filled her up along with his cock. He countinued fucking his cock up her ass for what seemed like forever, twisting and stretching her shitter ervyway he could, keeping her agony alive. He finally pulled ou, her ass was in such agony she couldn't even tell if he came or not.

Her senses slowly started to return to her, she realized she was no longer being held, but her ass was still high in the air with her asshole stretched obscenely open. Justin and the girls sat down and made her continue walking on her hands and knees around the room, she was unable to move very fast, her asshole felt torn open and reamed out with a steel brush, every move hurt. She twitched and jerked each time a lash would fall on her to urge her on, after awhile they stopped even looking for an excuse to whip her and just lashed at her sexy body anytime they wanted, making a lazy afternon of sitting around the room watching the degraded young girl crawl aimlessly around the room as they whipped her pretty ass and back, sometimes getting one of her small swaying tits as they hung down. They let her crawl for hours, not caring how tired she got or how hungry if she wated to drink they had her lap water from the cat bowl.

She spent a long while being made to lick the girls cunts while they twisted her nipples and slapped her small tits until they came. Each time she thought she was done the other girl would order her to crawl over and do it again. All throughout they had her arch her back and keep her little ass high in the air.

After awhile Sharon and Alexis started spitting on her, seeing who could call where they would hit. They made her kneel up facing them while they spit at her face. She was beyond refusing anything they wanted, they had taught her that they would do it anyway, she would simply be tied up and forced to take it. They had her thrust her chest out while they spit on her tits then practiced hitting her nipples, she cried and jerked when she was hit but managed to stay on her knees, even when Sharon missed and lashed the side of her face.

They finally had to remove the leg cuffs and tie her legs apart with some rope though when Justin wanted to practice popping the light singletail whip on her pussy. She cried and pleaded, but still spread her legs as far as she could when they told her to so they could tie them off to chair legs, Alexis and Sharon sat in the chairs to give them more weight and get a good view, he tried to pop the whip as closeas he could to the mouth of her open pussy without hitting her, he was actually pretty good, only striking her pussy a half dozen times.

She wasn't sure which was worse, the searing pain everytime he snapped her open pussy or the terror of being forced to lie there with her legs wide open and her poor little pussy exposed to the cracking whip that snapped centimeters from her time after time making her jump as the two girls cackled and placed bets as to whether he would hit her pussy or maybe just brush the fine hairs framing her thin slit.

After about a half hour they tired of that game and decided to untie her legs and remove the handcuffs from her. The doors out of the house required a key to exit, even from the inside and most all the windows had bars on them, at least any window someone could fit through, still she didn't try to run, she couldn't, her will was lost.

. The young girl never seemed to tire of crying, she had wept all day and into the night, they thought it was adorable! Her body sported several long lashmarks all over it, with a slightly heavier concentration on her tits and ass and along the inside of her thighs, she even wore a fiery welt along the side of her cute face where Alexis had struck her.

Justin disappeared into the kitchen for awhile to make dinner while the two girls delighted in humiliating her further. "Come here little slut" Alexis ordered. When she crawled over to her, Alexis started playing with her nipples, roughly tweaking them and pinching them as Trisha moaned and sobbed, Sharon joined in grabbing her left tit while Alexis worked on her right tit. The two them made a competition of pulling her towards them in a game of tug of war with her nipples, pulling her back and forth, occasionally one of them would use her other hand to slap her across her sprite like face. "O good little girl, come here, come here" Sharon crooned as she pulled on her nipple. "Lift your face up, a little higher, that's it..." SLAPPPPP!!!!!! "Ohhh that was so nice, come on one more time little slut, come here, lift. Lift". SSSSLLLAAPPPP!

Trisha was jerked between them, trying to do anything she could to please them and make the torment and violence stop, but it only seemed to get worse. Finally Alexis left go of her side, leaving her to Sharon for awhile.. Sharon made her keep her head up while she slapped her face a dozen more time, even had her count them out, then delivered two dozen slaps to her tits while she counted those too. Alexis returned with a vicious looking pair of home-made nipple clamps. Two curving metal plates attached together with a pin and a very strong spring made each clamp, they lacked the professionally made look of the clamps you could find in adult shops, but served a purpose most of those did not, these were meant as heavy crushing implements of torture, not simple sexual aids.

"Get your chest out again" Alexis barked, sick of being outdone by Sharon she slapped Trisha hard on her tits for a good five minutes straight while the little brunette wailed and sobbed, she may have stopped sooner but the little bitch made the mistake of trying to cover her tits with her arms, after she was done and calmed down a bit, she moved a clamp over the poor girls already sore and battered nipple and let it unceremoniously shut close.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" Get it off me! Get it off! ITS DESTROYING MY BOOBIE!!!!! She wailed, it felt like her nipple was crushed beyond repair, Sharon had to hold her hands behind her back to stop her from clawing the evil clamp off, Sharon was laughing like a madwoman while trying to hold her still enough for Alexis to get the other clamp on. Finally Alexis got the other clamp over her other nipple and let go as Trisha wild again, the little teen seemed to become even more sensitive to the pain and abuse. "Get them off Pleassssssee! Ill do anything O god get them off! You can fuck my ass again with a dildo please!!!!!!!!!!! Take them off they are ruining me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't do this please!!!!!!!!!!!!" She begged.

Sharon handcuffed the struggling girl behind her back and then let her go so they could watch her rolling around on the carpet trying to get the large clamps off her, Alexis straddled her body and flicked at the clamps with her finger causing the young teen even more pain. Sharon took the opportunity to hold the Trisha's legs open and fuck her toes into the girls little pussy, she was amazed to find Trisha dripping wet. "Look the little sluts enjoying it all! Justins gonna be pissed, he wanted one who wasnt into it". Sharon said while looking down and shaking her head.

Sometime during her torture Trisha's body was beginning to respond, she didn't know why, she hated everything that was happening to her, the abuse was horrible, she sobbed even more thinking about what they had made her into.

"Hey Bitch, did we tell you to get wet?' Alexis screamed. "Hold her legs open, dont you dare try and fight her either ! Its time to punish that little slutty pussy, from now on if your getting excited without permission this is what your gonna get." She yelled, picking up a thin strap. Trisha was till so obsessed with the agony in her tits she was barely aware of what was happening until the strap came down hard on her cunt mound. The strap fell time and time again on her splayed open wet pussy, driving the girl into a frenzy, despite the warning she tried with all her might to free her legs from Sharon's hands as the strap split her pouting cunt. "Hit her harder, hit her harder" Sharon egg'd her on. The strap came down even harder as the blond put all her might into each swing, wanting to teach the teen a lesson. After a few dozen brutal strokes the beating ceased. When they took the clamps off her nipples Trisha expected only ruined crushed bits of flesh, but her nipples, though flattened temporarily were intact.

Justin stopped the fun long enough to feed himself and his two cohorts, Trisha would receive her dinner after they were done with her. While they ate the girl thought about the creature she had become while she knelt under the kitchen table licking and sucking on Justin's large cock, un-cared for except for the pleasure they could wring painfully out of her small body. All she had become was a straining crying slut to abuse and humiliate. She had lost any vestige of hope or defiance left in her, lost in despair and shame all she could do was survive the horrors they inflicted on her.

After dinner Justin provided a present to the two gleeful sadistic women , a pair of strap on dildo-harnesses, each with a pair of dildos that could be fit into each one. One fairly large plain dildo and a second slightly smaller spiked dildo. The best part of the event was the reaction of Trisha to seeing the strap on devices when Alexis and Sharon put them on. Sharon choose the larger while Alexis choose the spiked dildo for her harness. Suddenly she was facing not one rapng cock, but three.

Trisha crossed her arms over her abused tits and began to shake again as the three of them approached her. She had no illusions about what was going to happen to her, there was nothing she could do to stop it. She tried to go limp and not give them a reaction but couldnt help herself as Sharon pushed her onto her back and kicked her legs open.

"Please go slow, please, my pussy already hurts so much from everything, Ill do whatever you want, please, I'm not fighting you! You don't have to hurt me!" She pleaded weakly, knowing it would do no good.

Sharon kneeled between the teens open legs, taking the Dildo in her and, pumping it a couple times to test the small probe on the harness that rubbed against her clit everytime the dildo was pulled forward or back. "Don't you dare move while I rape your prissy little cunt, I don't want you getting off on this like some little slut either". She slammed the large cold plastic tool up the small girls cunt in one vicious thrust.

Trisha screamed and tried to pull away, a few slaps across her face reminded her to keep her place while Sharon reamed out her sore pussy with quick strong strokes, pulling all the way out and slamming home each time. Sharon raped her with the Dildo for a half hour, her cunt rubbed raw by the rough plastic, and that was just the beginning of the evening

Alexis took her turn next, forcing the studded rod up Trisha's abused shitter. "O Gooodddd, not again" she moaned, her asshole was already so sore, when the piece of plastic fucked its way into her she thought her ass would be ruined, but Alexis just fucked her anyway. Justin replaced Alexis in her ass while Sharon slapped her hanging tits and spit in her face again, she soon lost track of what was happening to her, she became lost in the void of pain and degradation that would become her life.

Years later when she looked on the months she spent with them, she would always breakdown and cry, even now with them long since dead and her cleared of any responsibilty in the killings, she could never sleep at night without waking up screaming.



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