A Job for Tina

Tina was a very pretty girl of 23 years with a clean-cut look of innocence about her. She was 5’6" tall and had a great, but petite figure. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and actually pointed slightly up. She had a 23" waist and flat belly and it was accentuated by her 36" hips. Her asscheeks were firm and well rounded. She was every man’s dream fuck, but she did not care for sex. Not that she was a virgin, because she was in love once and thoroughly enjoyed their gentle lovemaking, but he died in a car accident. She dated a few other guys and none of them turned her on, and to her, sex without the love, was something she would rather be without. Except with the one love of her life, she never had an orgasm. Even with him, her orgasms were few and far between. She didn’t even masturbate .

She had worked as a waitress since high school, but wanted to improve herself, so she attended the local junior college and completed her program in bookkeeping. Today she was excited as she was getting ready for an interview for a full charge bookkeeping position. She did herself up right and wore a short, tight skirt with 3" pumps which didn’t make her look slutty, but showed off her great legs to their maximum advantage. Her blouse was simple and conservative with just a little lace to accent her femininity.

She arrived at the office right on time and was greeted by Domina, the office manager, who escorted her into the owner’s office. Harry was a middle aged man of average looks and build, but he could not take his eyes off of her. Domina, who was quite attractive herself and in her mid thirties, noticed the reaction of her boss and was very pleased. They asked questions mostly about her personal life and seemed to be glad when they found out she lived alone and had no boyfriends. The stressed how anyone completing the bookkeeping program did not have to prove their competence and offered Tina a job for more than twice what she could possibly have hoped for. They explained that they hated turnover and they hired their employees for the long term.

Tina started work the following week and had met the other five girls in the office who were all attractive in their own right. The pushiest one was Helen, who was given the duty to break her in on her new job. By the end of the first week, Tina had noticed that almost everyday, one of the girls was called into Harry’s office by Domina . The three of them would be in there for several hours and when the girls would come out, her hair was always messed and her makeup smeared. She also seemed very disturbed.

It was the end of her second week when Domina called Tina into Harry’s office. The office was empty, and Domina locked the door. She had the company ledgers spread out on Harry’s desk and in a very stern voice, accused Tina of attempting to embezzle from the company. Tina, of course, was innocent, but Domina showed her the questionable entries in the ledger in her own handwriting. Helen had told her to make those entries and when Tina asked why, Helen had told her just to do as she was told. Tina knew that Domina would not believe her as the evidence was plain as day. Domina offered Tina her choice of going to jail for five years or submitting to a severe punishment but allowed to keep her job and fancy salary. Tina knew being convicted of a felony would ruin her for life, and she had already gotten used to her earnings, so she chose the punishment. Domina explained that it would consist of corporal punishment in any form whatsoever that either she or Harry should wish. It would not be just this one session, but there would be a punishment to fit the crime. Tina had to sign a written confession which Domina locked in Harry’s desk.




Domina took Tina by the hand and led her to a sofa. Then she gave the command, "Strip".

"What do you mea..," said Tina.

Domina barked which now began to really intimidate Tina. "You are going to receive an old fashion spanking on your bare butt with my hairbrush. If you think I’m going to waste my time spanking you with all that protection you have on, we can forget it now. I’ll call the police and have them take you away, you thief. You’re lucky Harry isn’t here or, believe me, it could be a lot worse for you." Domina picked up a wooden hair brush from the end table and sat down on the sofa. "Now take off those damn clothes. I’ve been aching to see what we hired anyway."

Tina’s face turned red. She had never been naked in front of a woman before. She just happened to have the same outfit she wore on her interview. Her trembling fingers began with the top button of her blouse, and then the next, and when she undid the third, the top of her bra was in plain view and she stopped. Domina reached for the phone and said, "Forget it, I’ll just call the cops."

"No, please!" Tina cried out in panic. "I’ll do it." She knew she had to block what was happening from her mind so she made herself act like she was just undressing for bed in her own apartment. She again began unbuttoning her blouse and when she ran out of buttons, she simply removed it and folded it neatly over a chair. She did the same with her skirt and Tina began to think she could do this with no problem. But when her fingers went to the rear clasp of her bra, a terrible wave of embarrassment overcame her. Her face turned red. Domina noticed this and simply reached for the phone and Tina undid her bra and slipped it off freeing her beautiful breasts. Domina stared at her mounds further adding to Tina’s embarrassment. Next came her panties as it was summer and Tina was not wearing pantyhose.

Tina took a deep breath and slid them down her long beautiful legs and stepped out of them. Domina told her to leave her heels on.

Tina stood in front of Domina shivering and tried to place a hand in front of her pussy and her other arm covering her tits. "Put your hands behind your neck, NOW!" ordered Domina. Tina did so. "Now spread your legs so I can see what we hired". Tina couldn’t believe this was happening to her but she didn’t want to go to jail. Domina stood up and walked around her, closely scrutinizing Tina’s body as she circled. Thank goodness Domins didn’t touch her as Tina knew that would make her skin crawl. Tina didn’t want to be touched even by a man, much less a sadistic woman. Domina went back to the sofa and commanded Tina to get over her lap. Tina clumsily bent over her lap and Domina pulled her down roughly and pinned her hands behind her back with the use of only one of her own hands leaving the other free to swing the hair brush. She circled Tina’s legs with her leg so Tina could not escape if she tried.

Domina knew that mental anguish was worse than the pain Tina was soon to feel. She began to rub Tina’s ass with the smooth side of the brush to demonstrate her power over Tina. She did it very slowly in a purposeful manner so Tina would anticipate what would come next. Domina lifted the brush off of Tina’s ass and Tina got ready for the first blow, but Domina turned the brush over and roughly massaged Tina’s ass with the bristle side of the brush. It felt mighty uncomfortable but didn’t really hurt very much. Tina felt the brush losing contact with her ass once more and then there went,"WHACK!". The smooth wooden side of the brush was at least one inch thick and delivered a sting the likes of which Tina had never experienced before in her life. There were four more blows in rapid succession, one high on each cheek and the next two low on each cheek.







Tina wanted to scream out but she was too proud and too stubborn to give Domina the satisfaction of knowing she was hurting so much. The blows continued to rain down on Tina’s ass and then her thighs. It seemed to hurt ten times as much on the thighs, but she merely let out a few moans and was still determined not to give in. Then a blow hit her ass which felt like a thousand needles pricking her skin. Then another and another. Domina was using the hard bristle side and was using all of her might to bury the tips of the bristles into Tina’s skin. Little blood spots began to form all over Tina’s now red and purple ass. She could hold back no longer and let out a deafening scream.

"Ooooowwwww, PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!", cried Tina as Harder and harder blows of the bristles rained upon her ass. "I’ll do anything, if only you will stop. PLEEEAAASE" as another two blows smacked her thighs. Domina stopped her assault and reminded her that this was for stealing from them and it would not end here. Harry would want his payback as well. Tina cried, "Anything, anything, but I can’t take anymore beating on my poor ass."

"Get up", ordered Domina. "Walk to the back of the sofa and bend over with your head on the cushion." Just then, Harry walked in. "Now spread your legs wide and let Harry inspect my punishment." Harry seemed preoccupied with something more important than even Tina’s gorgeous naked body in a very submissive position. But he certainly could take a minute or so to inspect the merchandise. He walked over to Tina and placed his palm on her red hot ass. It truly was still hot to the touch. He caressed her asscheeks and traveled down her thighs. Tina’s face was crimson and she was grateful that no one could see her face. He continued and put two fingers into her pussy. "Very dry", he said. Then he stuck a finger up her asshole. It was indeed very tight as Tina was a virgin in this orifice.

"This is going to be a great fuck when we have some time, but we have business to attend to for now," he told Domina. "Give her some cream to lubricate her so she is in the mood for next time."

Domina smiled and got out a jar of cream. This was no ordinary lubricant as Tina would soon find out. Domina scooped out a generous portion and stuck her four fingers right up Tina’s pussy. She smeared it all over the inside and made sure she got an ample amount on Tina’s clit as well. Domina’s touch did nothing for Tina but to repulse her. She thought it was disgusting that she was being fondled by a woman. The cream was cool at first and after a couple of minutes, there was a warm tingling sensation.

Tina thought nothing unusual about it and planned to go straight home and take a hot bath to rid herself of the cream and the crud she felt after being so intimately fondled by both harry and Domina. She was ordered to get dressed and get back to work.

As Tina left the office, it seemed like all the girls were staring and snickering at her as if they knew what had gone on inside. Tina sat at her desk and she began to feel a real stirring in her vagina. She didn’t understand it, but for the first time in years, she was feeling hot and horny. She was getting so hot, she was having difficulty breathing normally. She hoped none of the other girls would notice, but Helen came over with the pretense of asking a question about one of Tina’s ledger entries. She sarcastically asked Tina why she was so fidgety. "You act like you’re being fucked as you sit there," observed Helen.

"I’ll tell you a secret, Tina. A good fuck would not help you a bit right now. All you can do is grin and bear it, or should I say, enjoy it."

It seemed like forever, but five o’clock finally arrived. Harry and Domina never did come out of their office which suited Tina fine. Tina rushed through the door and took the three flights of stairs rather than the crowded elevator. As soon as the stairwell door closed behind her, she put her hand under her skirt and tried to get herself off. It took about five seconds for the first time and there was a second and a third time. After four powerful orgasms, Tina was finally somewhat relieved, but she still had that horny feeling.





During the bus ride home, Tina began to get that feeling again. There were too many people around to do anything about it, and finally the bus got to her stop. She jumped off the bus and ran the two blocks to her apartment. She almost tore off her clothes and let her fingers do the job three more times. When she regained her sanity, she went to the refrigerator and found a thick cucumber. What she was about to do would have disgusted her any other time, but now she had some real biological needs to take care of. She lay back on her couch and inserted the cucumber way up her cunt as far as she could get it without letting go. After two more giant orgasms, she walked into the bathroom without removing the cucumber and ran herself some hot, hot bath water. It was so hot, she could barely stand it, but it did do the trick. The cream dissolved in the hot water and she gradually returned to normal. She did not look forward to going back to work the next morning and facing all the girls who knew for sure what she had gone through.

The next two days at work passed without any incidents. The next day, Tina noticed one of the other girls being escorted into the office by Domina. The girl’s face was flushed and Tina just knew what was to happen in there. The office was very quiet with no one around and after a half hour or so, Tina went to the door and peeked through the keyhole. She could see the girl bent over the sofa. Her ass was a bright red with purple welts and harry was fucking her up her ass. The girl was in obvious pain as harry was fucking his cock completely in and out. Tina could not believe the size of that cock. It was the biggest tool she had ever seen or even heard of. It had to have been a foot long and four inches in diameter. She prayed that it would never be up her ass as she just knew it would rip her apart, especially since she was a virgin in that hole.

Tina jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned around and saw Helen with a big grin on her face. Helen said, "I don’t think they would like it very much if they knew you were spying on them." Tina begged Helen not to tell them. They walked over to Tina’s desk and Helen asked Tina if she would rather be punished by Domina and Harry, or by her. Tina remembered the size of Harry’s cock and agreed that Helen could do to her as she saw fit as punishment for her indiscretion. Helen told Tina to be at her house at 8:00 that evening and not to bath or prepare herself in any way. She put on some fresh lipstick and told Tina to bend over her desk. Helen raised Tina’s skirt and pulled down her panties. She put her mouth on Tina’s asscheek and bit down really hard. Several blood vessels were broken as the bite mark turned a deep purple. But around it was a perfect rosy red outline of lips. Helen did the same to the other cheek. Helen warned Tina that the lipstick had better not even be smeared when she arrives to her house that evening.

The remainder of the day went too fast as the time to be at Helen’s grew nearer. Tina’s ass throbbed where Helen sank her teeth, but Tina dare not even rub it in fear that the lipstick would be smeared. Luckily, the bites were high enough that she was not sitting on them. Tina wish she could just tell these people to go to hell, but she was afraid she would wind up in jail so she knew she had to endure whatever lay ahead.

Domina was in the main office as Tina was leaving and wished Tina a fabulous night. She had a great big smirk on her face and Tina knew that Domina was privy to what was about to happen. Tina did not want to go all the way home and come back as Helen lived by the office. She sat in a coffee shop and nursed a cup of coffee for the last two hours. She hardly touched her pie as she had no appetite whatsoever. She wondered if Helen could be worse than Domina.








Tina rang the doorbell and was invited in by Helen. It was a beautiful apartment and Tina knew that Helen had to make a very good salary. Helen offered Tina a drink which she gratefully accepted. Maybe if she were drunk, the punishment wouldn’t be as bad. After a half hour of drinking and chit chat, Helen ordered Tina to stand up in the middle of the living room. Helen reiterated that Tina was here to be punished for spying on Domina, and punished she will be. Helen put her fingers to the top button of Tina’s blouse and, one by one, unbuttoned it all the way down and pulled it out of her skirt. She slipped it off her shoulders and fingered her cleavage very sensuously. Then she unbuttoned her straight skirt and it fell to the floor. Tina was ordered to step out of it. The same thing was done with her half slip. Tina was now in only her bra and panties. Helen went to the front clasp of her bra and undid the catch exposing Tina’s beautiful tits. Stripping in front of Domina was bad enough, but being slowly undressed by another woman was far worse. Helen cupped and massaged her breasts and pinched both the nipples. "Ouch!" cried Tina. Helen reminded her that her punishment had yet to begin and a lot worse lay in store for her.

Helen then pulled her panties down Tina’s long shapely legs and fingered her pussy in a most intimate way. Helen ordered Tina to raise her hands above her head and turn around. "Look at those lipstick marks on your ass! Why, you are nothing but a slut. You shall pay for coming into my home without even washing yourself after one of your jaunts." This really pissed Tina off, but there was no sense in arguing.

Helen led Tina over to the sofa, sat down and put her over her lap. She rubbed Tina’s ass very deliberately, touching her asshole and pussy along the way. Helen must be a dyke Tina thought. Helen showed her a ping pong paddle that had dozens of roofing shingle staples shot through it with about 1/8"

of the points sticking out the other end. Helen said, " I figure you have felt Domina’s hairbrush. I have too and I’m tired of always being on the receiving end. So tonight, you get to give me my first experience of trying the other end, if you know what I mean. I think by the time you get fifty with ole betsy here, you will wish I used the hairbrush." WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! Tina couldn’t believe the pain.

It felt like the spikes were tearing her skin apart. She could feel a wetness on her ass that had to be droplets of blood. Helen let loose with another barrage of smacks and Tina began screaming. Helen picked up a gag she had on the end table and tied it tight so all Tina could do was grunt. However, that did not stop the flow of tears from her eyes. It seemed like an eternity for Helen to get to fifty, not that she counted. As a matter of fact, it seemed like a lot more than fifty. "My you are a bloody mess!" sighed Helen. I had better administer some first aid so you don’t get infected. Helen had a bottle of 90% alcohol and freely poured it over Tina’s wounded ass. She made sure that some ran into her asshole and pussy. Tina about jumped out of her skin. The burning on the ass was bad enough, but when the alcohol entered the tender parts of her holes, the pain was really terrible. Helen wiped away the blood with some tissue and began to soothingly rub the pain from her ass. Tina hated to admit it, but it kind of felt good, but certainly not exciting.

Helen then stuck a finger into Tina’s cunt, then a second and started fucking her two fingers in and out. Tina really hated this but then a third and fourth finger invaded her. Helen was spreading her fingers out at each stroke and finally her thumb went up as well. Soon she was fist fucking poor Tina who wished she was just being spanked for that was nothing compared to having her pussy stretched to the fullest. She now knew what it must feel like to give birth. Tina wasn’t into this kinky stuff, so she was

nowhere near having an orgasm. This disappointed Helen so she decided to punish Tina further. She lubricated her fingers with ben gay and inserted one then two up her asshole. Tina thought the ointment would eat away her tender insides, it burned so bad. She begged for mercy when Helen removed the gag.

Helen removed her fingers and noticed there was shit beneath her fingernails. She stuck them into Tina’s mouth and told her to clean them off good. She reminded her that one day she will get fucked up her ass by Harry’s monster cock and she would have to lick him clean afterwards, so she better give herself an




enema every morning before work as she would never know when it might happen. "But I’m going to give you what I call a punishment enema," said Helen. Helen took her into the bathroom where there was the largest shower Tina ever saw. You could hold an orgy in this shower she thought. Helen got the enema bag and filled it with ice water from a pitcher. She then added about four ounces of liquid soap and finally she added half a bottle of those upset tummy tablets that fizz when dropped into water. " The ice should give you good cramps and the fizz will make air bubbles inside your intestines which will add to your discomfort and the soap will clean you out real good." Tina was made to get on her knees with her head between them and her ass up high. Helen inserted the nozzle and released the contents. At first the coolness cured the burning from the ben gay, but soon she started to cramp. Tina begged and pleaded but Helen told her she was getting the whole thing. When the bag was empty, Helen inserted a fat tapered butt plug up her ass to hold the contents in until she was ready to allow Tina to expel them. Tina thought her asshole was split in two, it hurt so bad. But Helen just rammed it in hard and soon the cramps took all of Tina’s attention. Tina was told to get into the shower and lie face up. Helen quickly stripped but Tina was in such agony with her bowels churning every which way, she didn’t even notice.

Helen squatted on Tina’s face and commanded her to lick. Tina was revolted but knew she had to do everything Helen wanted if she was ever to get rid of the contents of the enema. Helen ordered, "Get that tongue way up there. Now lap my clit. Oh Yeah! Ooohhhh!". Tina knew Helen was cumming but she was caught off guard when her mouth was filled with a pungent warm liquid. ‘Swallow every bit," screamed Helen. But Tina gagged and choked and the piss went up her nose and down her cheeks. Helen was too deep into her orgasm to care right at the moment, but when she was finished, she saw the pool of pee around Tina’s head. "You will pay for disobeying me, slut. Turn over." When Tina turned on her stomach, Helen ripped out the butt plug and a jet of brown water shop two feet into the air and landed all over Tina’s ass. "Now sit up." In this position, the enema really began to expel and with all the soap that had been added, gobs of shit came with it. There was a rubber mat blocking the drain so the puddle grew rapidly in size. "Now take you shit and smear it all over your body. I want every inch of you covered.

"You’re crazy!" cried Tina. "Fine, I’ll just call Harry and Domina to come over and you will see just how crazy I am." Tina resigned herself that she was going to have to submit once again. She scooped some murky water and rubbed it on her chest. "I want your boobs covered to where I can’t see any skin," said Helen. Tina began to scoop up her shot and rub it into her tit flesh. Helen told her to shove a big turd into her pussy and Tina once again obeyed knowing she had no choice.

When Helen grew tired of humiliating Tina, she told Tina to stand up and shower. Tina felt so good letting the hot water cleanse her stinky body. Tina finished and dried herself off when Helen produced a large piece of steel wool, the kind a carpenter uses to sand wood. Helen said, "We need to be sure all the shit is off you so I will use this to rub off any traces you may not be able to see." Helen rubbed furiously all over Tina’s tits. Little splinters of steel came off and embedded themselves in Tina’s most tender flesh. Helen then rubbed Tina’s pussy which was like being rubbed with nettles. When she finished her final punishment of Tina, Helen told her to get dressed and get her ass out of there. When Tina put on her underwear, it caused irritation like she never felt before. Those slivers of steel would bother her for days to come and keep her entire breasts and pussy area very red.

The office seemed unusually busy during the next week. Domina had to run an errand and asked Tina to do some filing in her office while she was gone.







Tina was making progress when she accidentally knocked a ceramic doll off Domina’s desk onto the floor where it smashed into many pieces. Tina had learned that the company imported thousands of cases of these dolls from the far east but did not know how they disposed of them. She noted a small plastic bag on the floor that must have been inside of the doll and saw a white powdery substance inside. She bent over and picked it up and was holding it when Domina and Harry came into the office through the back door. Domina was livid at first, but then smiled and said, "Now you know our little secret so we might as well make you a member of our little family. You are invited to spend the weekend in the country and we were leaving now.. Why don’t you get comfy and remove that tight underwear you are wearing." Tina knew it was an order so she pulled her blouse out of her skirt and unhooked her bra and pulled it out through the sleeve. She reached under her skirt and removed her panties. She was glad that neither of her bosses could see anything, but she wondered how long that would last.

The three of them left together and Helen must have been invited also, as she followed them to the car. It was a caddy and Helen got into the front seat by Harry while Domina sat in the back with Tina. Harry started the engine and off they went. In a few minutes, they were on the interstate and Domina had Tina place her hands behind her back and fastened handcuffs around her wrists. Domina began to fondle Tina’s breasts through the blouse. She unbuttoned the top three buttons so she could play with her bare nipples. Tuna was turned off by this and Domina got angry when she couldn’t get her nipples to respond to her caresses. She said, "I have something in mind that will bring your nipples to a point and keep them that way. Wait ‘til we get to the country my dear. We are going to do lots of things with you." Helen’s head disappeared behind the back of the seat and she heard Harry say, "Don’t make me cum. Just keep me hot to help pass the time away until we get there" Tina could hear a slurping sound and knew what Helen was doing. She thought it was disgusting but Helen was not complaining at all. By the sound of it, Helen was really getting into it.

Domina roamed her hands up Tina’s thighs and to her pussy. "Spread your legs," she ordered. Tina hated her more and more, but what could she do being as helpless as she was! Domina stuck her finger up her cunt and bitched that it was too dry. "I know how to fix that," as she took that jar of cream she had used that first time in the office. She applied a very generous amount as deep into Tina’s pussy as she could get two fingers. There was the coolness and then the heat sensations, and soon Tina began to squirm. She was getting hot! Harry was on a country road by now and there was no other traffic. Domina ripped open Tina’s blouse and took two alligator clips from her purse and clipped one on each of Tina’s nipples. Tina screamed out in agony, but the pain sent strange sensations to her cream filled pussy and she wanted to orgasm in the worse way. Domina was not to be so kind and left Tina in her frustrated condition until they arrived at a cabin deep in the woods.

Harry stopped the car alongside the cabin. All four got out and walked over to a clearing in the woods. The sun was also setting and Tina could see a lot of bugs taking to the air in the evening coolness. Domina tore off Tina’s clothing and told Helen to get a half dozen switches from a nearby bush. Tina was uncuffed and recuffed with her hands in front. There was a pole in the center of the clearing and Tina was tied to it with her arms stretched high and her feet wrapped around it so her pussy rubbed on knobs on the pole. She was helpless and could not move. The three of them all stripped so they would be ready for the action to come.

SWISH, SWISH, SWISH! Helen and Domina began whipping her ass, back and shoulders with the switches. Tina jumped and squirmed in her bonds causing her pussy to rub against the knobs on the pole. In spite of her pain and agony, the harder they whipped her, the more contact her pussy made with the pole, and her first orgasm came within a minute, followed by another and another. That damned cream





though Tina. She was so embarrassed as she knew the others could see she was having orgasms from being whipped. Her back, ass and thighs were full of ugly red and purple welts when the two woman finally stopped their assault on poor Tina.

Harry had just intently watched the action and by now his huge cock was swelled to the max with desire. He walked over to Tina and stuck it right into her asshole without lubrication of any kind. It would not go in as is was too big. Harry pushed with all his might and Tina’s poor asshole gave up the fight. She thought she was ripped in two as Harry’s weapon penetrated her ass to the hilt. She screamed and screamed with the pain of it which was so intense that not even the cream in her pussy converted it to stimulation. Thanks to all Helen’s sucking on his cock in the car and the tightness of Tina’s little bud hole, harry did not last long and injected his load deep within her intestines. Harry pulled out and Tina fell down on one of the knobs again and had another intense climax.

Tina was undone and the cuffs removed. She was laid on her back between four stakes on the ground and tied spreadeagled to the stakes. Helen had a pair of scissors and closely sheared all the hair from Tina’s pussy, and head. She even carefully cut off her eyebrows and eyelashes. Helen produced a razor and shaving cream and Tina was shaved smooth on every part of her body. There was absolutely no hair remaining anywhere.

Domina got two needles from a nearby cactus about four inches long. She told Helen to cup Tina’s breasts and hold them high and straight. Helen was straddling Tina’s face and did as she was asked. Domina put the point of the needle to Tina’s nipple and slowly applied pressure until the point penetrated the skin. She continued pushing until the entire needle was inserted into Tina’s tit flesh holding her tit straight up and with only the tip of the cactus needle sticking out of her nipple, it made the nipple look very pointy. Tina remembered what Domina had said in the car. During this procedure, Tina opened her mouth to scream and Helen let loose with a stream of pee right into Tina’s open mouth. Tina stopped screaming and began gurgling and coughing as she had to swallow most of it to avoid drowning in Helen’s piss. The two women changed positions and Domina held Tina’s other breast for insertion of the needle by Helen and of course took full advantage of the situation and let out a stream of her piss all over Tina’s face and into her mouth. Now the pain was equally intense in both her boobs. It hurt so much, Tina didn’t even care anymore about being forced to drink the piss of these two wicked women.

Domina took a jar of what must have been honey and spread id all over and around Tina’s eyes, including her eye lids. The women began untying her but a deer fly, one of those great big insects the bite so hard, deer have been known to drown themselves just to escape their onslaught, was attracted to the honey and bit poor Tina right on the eyelid. Within the time it took to be untied, Tina had suffered about a dozen bites and now her eyes were swollen shut. She was blind and could no longer see what was happening to her. This really frightened her, not that seeing would do any good to avoid the torture these people had in mind for her.

The two women guided her between two trees and tied her hands and feet in the form of an X. Her arms were stretched to the point where they hurt and her legs were spread apart as much as possible without dislocating her sockets. Her tits were pointed straight out and the points of the cactus needles peeked out of her nipples. Domina liked the way Tina’s tits looked and commented, "Now your nipples come to a point. Helen and I must be careful that we don’t prick ourselves on your pointed nipples." Domina then smeared honey on her nipples and as soon as her hands left the immediate area, the deer flies began there work of biting and causing drastic swelling of Tina’s nipples. They ached even worse






than before as the swelling was moving the tender flesh against the needles and caused a burning sensation deep within Tina’s abused tits.

Tina felt a sharp prick to her cunt lip and then to her thigh. What Tina couldn’t see was Domina and Helen piercing her cunt lips with a large safety pin and pinning them right to her thighs, in one spot and out another, and back into her pussy lips. Then they snapped the safety pins closed. Tina’s pussy lips were spread wide open, being held that way by being pinned to her thighs. "Let’s allow this bitch to enjoy her torture a bit," said Domina as she filled Tina’s cunt with more of that cream stuff. Harry stood a few feet away and watched the action. He fondled his already hard again cock, wishing he would get another shot into their prisoner, but he knew that Domina called the shots.

Domina waited a few minutes for the cream to renew the intended sensations and then filed Tina’s pussy with honey. She piled an extra generous amount to her clit. The women stepped away and Tina immediately felt things crawling inside of her. OUCH!, she cried, but the bites were turning her on. Finally a deer fly gave her a good one right on the clit which brought Tina to an instant climax. She screamed again, but this time in pleasure.

Domina picked up one of the switches that was lying on the ground nearby and smacked it right across Harry’s rock hard cock. "Come on Helen. We have more exciting things to do than to stand out here and count that bitch’s orgasms. Besides the bugs are getting really bad now and soon they will be after us as well." She swung the switch again, this time cutting Harry right on his balls. Harry doubled over in agony. Domina grabbed one arm and told Helen to take the other and began to drag the passive Harry toward the cabin. "I promise you Harry will do anything we wish or we will tie him alongside Tina and cover his prick and balls with honey and watch the flies milk him dry. That might be a fun idea even if Harry is obedient." Harry muttered something like. "Yes, Mistress!"

Although Tina could not open her eyes, she knew she was alone from the silence around her. The deer flies continued to bite her eyes, nipples and inside her pussy. Every time one found her clit, Tina would convulse into another orgasm. She assumed they would leave her out here all night and she thought about what tortures they might have in store for her for tomorrow. She was concerned what the sun might do to her shaved head once it was high enough in the sky to burn her tender skin. Another bite, another climax. Each one was more intense than the last. Regardless of what lay ahead for Tina, she really couldn’t care.

Maybe she might even die, but what a great way to go. Oooooooohhhhhhh, as she received another bite on her clit.





















































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