The Female Prisoner




I sat on the edge of my bunk, wondering how in the hell I had gotten into this fix. My cell of 6X8 feet was barren except for the bunk and a pair of buckets in one corner. One was empty and the other full of water. I wouldnít want to drink out of either one. The floor was covered with dirty straw and an occasional rat would stick his head out in search of some new tidbit.

I had been arrested just six days ago for possessing a bag of marijuana. Why I had kept it, I donít know. "Justice", if you want to call it that, was swift. I was sentenced to two years in prison for my "sins". My lawyer was more interested in getting to the next bar than representing me. In Mexico, youíre guilty until proven innocent anyway. It was my mistake and I was going to pay for it.

Taken to the local prison, I was ushered into the indoctrination center where I was stripped, probed, manhandled and groped by a pair of lascivious so-called doctors. Still naked, I was marched down a hall in full view of all of the guards to a commissary, where I was given a manís denim shirt to cover my body. All but one of the buttons was missing from the filthy piece of clothing, but I gladly put in on.

A pair of leather sandals completed my prison wardrobe. Then a matron who I would not want to meet in a dark alley at night led me to my cell. Along the way I saw almost all women in other cells, some of whom definitely looked American. As I passed, they all avoided my eyes. That is, except for the few men in their cells. They whooped and hollered as I walked by; yelling "Fresh meat for the guards! New pussy! Honey, how tightís your asshole?" I shuddered at the crude language and wondered how much truth was in their expletives.

When we came to an empty cell, the matron swung the door open and wordlessly indicated for me to enter. When the door slammed shut behind me, it was the loudest noise I had ever heard, followed by a deathly silence. Now, as I sit here, I am beginning to become frightened. Although I have always prided myself on the ability to handle almost any adversity, this situation appeared to be hopeless.

My name is Kathy Braverman. The last name is no indication of how I felt at the moment however.

I am 29 years of age, single, and considered by most men to be extremely attractive. I have long black hair that hangs below my shoulders and eyes to match. My 36C breasts still stand erect without any support. Iíve always prided myself on my flat tummy and narrow hips and my slender legs are well muscled from frequent workouts. I had been in Mexico for 10 days, traveling the back roads and enjoying the friendly interaction with the native Mexicans. I had been arrested while traveling through San Mateo, about two hundred miles south of Mexico City. The prison that I had been taken to was another fifty miles south and situated in a dense jungle with the nearest town some fifty kilometers away. Although the prison was surrounded by high walls and heavily guarded, no one could survive for long in that jungle.

My self incrimination was interrupted when a plate of food was shoved through the bars of my cell. I suddenly realized I hadnít eaten in more than twenty-four hours. Grabbing the plate, I found it was simply beans with one corn tortilla. Live creatures were climbing around in the beans but at that point my appetite couldnít be swayed. Brushing aside those that I saw, I hastily gulped down the mildly warm plate of beans. I was immediately thirsty from the salty meal and glanced again at the bucket in the corner full of water. Giving in to my thirst, I brushed the film from the top of the water and drank a little of the brackish fluid. When I turned around, a large rat was cleaning up what remained of my evening meal.

As darkness descended the only light in my cell disappeared. A single light shown down the hall, casting dark shadows across the bars of my cell and increasing the bravery of my roommates, the rats. I lay down on my bunk and drew the single threadbare blanket over me. Somehow, I fell asleep.

I was awakened some time later by a guard entering my cell. As he jerked the blanket from atop me, he ordered me to stand and follow him. Seeing that I had no choice, I walked behind him down the hall to a door which he opened and beckoned for me to go through. When I did, I found myself in a small courtyard, surrounded by the high walls of the prison. Already in the courtyard were five other guards and another of the women prisoners. The woman, obviously a Mexican, was quite attractive even in the dim light afforded by several torches that burned from their placement around the courtyard walls. My escort held my arm tightly as he led me over to the assembled group until I was standing a few feet in front of the other woman prisoner.


The order came like a shot and I flinched at the word. In shock, I hesitated as I saw the other woman obediently begin to unbutton her shirt. A blow struck me across the shoulders, driving me forward.

"I said strip!"

In disbelief, I unbuttoned the only button of my shirt and shrugged it from my shoulders, allowing it to fall to the ground at my feet. So this was the way it was going to be! A gang rape! I was no virgin at the age of 29, but six men at once were more than I was prepared for. I tried to cover my nudity with my hands as I stood shivering before the six guards and the other prisoner. The woman had also removed her shirt and I marveled at her perfectly formed body. Well developed and muscled, she was obviously quite strong and as she stood defiantly among the guards, she displayed an air of fearlessness that I wished I had at the moment.

The guard that had brought me to the courtyard stepped between us.

"This is your exercise for tonight. The two of you will fight until the other is unable to stand. The winner will be allowed to go back to their cell for the evening. The loser will spend the night with us. If we feel that you are not giving your best effort, both of you will be given thirty strokes of the whip. Do I make myself clear?"

I was too shocked to reply as I watched the woman standing in front of me nod her head slightly. The situation was so ludicrous that I failed to react when the woman suddenly stepped forward and jabbed her fist into my stomach with all of her strength. My lungs emptied in one huge gasp as I sank to my knees, my arms gripped around my middle. In what seemed like slow motion, I watched as her foot rose from the ground and kicked me under the chin, driving my head back and leaving me sprawled on the ground in semi-consciousness.

I was faintly aware of the guards yelling and cheering as I rolled over on my stomach and tried to gather my arms and legs beneath me. I felt the womanís body fall on top of me and her arms wrapped around my neck, choking me. Her hair hung down over my head and I could feel her breath against my cheek. Amazingly, I sensed her pubic hair brushing against my buttocks as I struggled for breath. With my last bit of strength I pushed upward, throwing her off of my back, and at the same time spun around in a crouch, ready to defend myself.

Both of us were sweating in the hot night air as we circled warily, looking for an advantage. Unnoticed were the guards who were shouting obscenities at us. We were now simply two animals, engaged in a battle that neither one of us had chosen but were now determined to win. I was astonished to find myself in a state of arousal as we stared at each other, looking for a weakness.

One of the guards, unhappy with the lack of action, pushed me forward suddenly and I found myself grappling with the woman with my arms wrapped around her body. Our bodies pressed against each other as we struggled pitifully in an attempt to throw the other down. One of her hands came up and grasped one of my tits and began to squeeze and pinch my nipple until I cried out, releasing my grip on her. Again she swung her fist and connected with my chin. Suddenly everything grew quite blurry and I felt myself falling despite my efforts to remain standing. Another blow to my stomach drove the wind from my lungs for a second time and I lay on the ground, writhing in pain and gasping for air. In a second, the woman was on top of me, legs astride my body, pounding her fist into my face and body until I was barely conscious. I was only faintly aware of the guards lifting her off of me while I lay helpless on the ground.

I had lost.

How long I lay there, I do not know. I was brought around by a bucket of water thrown in my face and I raised up, sputtering. The six guards were standing in a circle around me. The woman had disappeared. When I looked up in their faces, I could see the lascivious leer on their lips and realized that the fight I had just lost was only the beginning of my torment for the night.


Two of the guards grabbed me by my arms and dragged me back inside the prison. Half dragging, half carrying, I was taken into a manís shower. Still covered with sweat and dirt from the courtyard, I was thrust under one of the showers and cold water drenched me until I sat shivering before my antagonists. One of the guards fastened handcuffs around my wrists and looped them over one of the shower handles. I watched in panic as the six men began to strip. When all of them had disrobed, two grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide apart.

I struggled against their efforts, but it was useless. One began to squeeze and pinch my tits while another ran his hand between my thighs and thrust his finger into my pussy. I moaned in despair as hands groped my body mercilessly.

Then one took his place between my legs; his huge cock engorged with blood as he smiled leeringly at me. Grasping my buttocks with his hands, he lifted me slightly off of the floor while at the same time lowering himself until his cock was poised at the entrance to my pussy. With one powerful thrust, he entered me. I felt as if I was being torn apart as his cock spread my dry tissue without pity. I screamed loudly, only to receive a slap across the face from one of the other guards that almost rendered me unconscious. It was like a red-hot poker drilling me as the guard thrust in and out. To keep me from screaming, one of the men stuffed a filthy rag in my mouth. All I could do was moan while the guard plundered my sex. After what seemed an eternity, I felt his body stiffen and a low moan came from his lips. His semen spilled into me for what seemed forever. Breathing heavily, he withdrew and stood up.

My respite was brief, however, as another guard took his place and quickly thrust his cock into my now dripping pussy. The pain was much less but nevertheless agonizing as he slammed into me unmercifully. I closed my eyes as if to shut out the utter humiliation and degradation forced upon me. The other guards continued to squeeze and pinch my tits until they ached. The only sound I could hear above my moans was the belly of the guard slapping me as he thrust in and out.

When I felt him finish, I steeled myself for the next man. To my surprise and horror, I felt my body being turned over and hands on my buttocks, spreading them apart. I screamed in protest but to no avail. I felt the tip of a cock against my anus just seconds before all the agony in the world descended upon me. Never had I felt such torture! The guard slammed into me ruthlessly, tearing the tender flesh of my bowels until I fainted.

Something revived me and I felt the dirty rag being removed from my mouth. In its place one of the guards inserted his filthy cock, holding my head back by pulling my hair. I choked as the huge phallus filled my mouth and threatened to cut off my air supply. The cock up my ass continued to pound into me relentlessly as I was also being fucked in the mouth. My tits continued to receive abuse from the other four guards. My body rocked back and forth in rhythm to the two men impaling me with their cocks.

On and on it went until each of the six guards had fucked me at least twice. As I lay exhausted on the floor of the shower room, semen dripped down my thighs and from my lips. My body ached as if I had been beaten for days. I groaned softly as two men lifted me to my feet and handed me my shirt. Unable to stand by myself, they carried me back to my cell and threw me on my bunk. Through the small window of my cell I could see the beginning of daylight.

I crawled over to the two buckets and tried to cleanse myself as best I could. Every muscle in my body screamed in protest with each movement. Using the empty bucket, I defecated, noting that there was blood at the bottom of the pail. Drawing the shirt over my arms, I collapsed on the bunk, so exhausted I was asleep in a matter of two minutes.

I couldnít have been asleep more than thirty minutes when a matron started banging on the door of my cell. Drowsily, I sat up and looked at her questioningly. A plate of stale bread and a pitcher of water had been pushed into my cell and the rats were making a bee-line for it. Kicking them away, I grabbed the bread and ate it quickly. The water was brackish but not as bad as the water left in my bucket. The matron watched curiously as I ate.

"You look like hell, Senorita! You should get more rest!" She laughed heartily at her joke as I stared at her mutely.

"Better get your ass in gear, Punta! The work detail begins in fifteen minutes!"

Work detail! How could I do any work, the way I felt. I could barely stand! Nevertheless, fifteen minutes later, the matron reappeared and unlocked my cell door.

"Arriba! Letís go, whore!"

I struggled to my feet and followed her out of the cell and down the corridor. When we passed through a heavy steel door, I found myself in a different courtyard along with fifteen other women prisoners. One of them was the Mexican woman who had fought me the night before. She looked at me with what I thought was compassion and smiled slightly with a nod of her head.

A flat bed truck backed into the courtyard and we were ordered to climb into the back. Without the assistance of a couple of other prisoners, I donít think I could have done it. As soon as all of us were aboard the truck, it started off and left the prison grounds.

I had no idea where we were going or what kind of work detail I was to participate in. None of the prisoners spoke during the journey, staring straight ahead at nothing. We traveled out of the prison clearing and started up a narrow trail through the jungle. The truck bounced and rocked over the rough ground, almost throwing some of us out. After about thirty minutes, we came to a stop and the other women began to get down from the truck bed. I followed them as they lined up in two rows behind the truck.

Each of us was handed a small machete. If youíre thinking that I now had a weapon for escape, you didnít see the loaded rifles aimed at us as we were marched around to the front of the truck. It was then that I saw the trail had ended and before us was nothing but dense, thick jungle. Spreading out in a single line, the women prisoners began to hack at the dense undergrowth, clearing a path for the extension of the trail. Half of us were to clear the growth and the other half gather the debris and carry it to a small clearing to be burned. The jungle was like a furnace and within an hour, every womanís shirt was soaking wet from perspiration.

Once each hour we were given a ten minute break for water. As I collapsed next to a large tree, the Mexican woman who had fought me sat down beside me.

"I am sorry for what happened last night," she whispered. "It was either you or me. You will learn to take care of yourself better as your stay lengthens. I have experienced the delights of the guards and know what they can do to you. I just want you to know that I wish it had been someone else." "Thank you," I whispered. "Its alright. I guess it could have been a lot worse."

"STOP THE TALKING!" One of the guards came over, glaring at the two of us. "If you have so much energy you can carry on a conversation, you can get back to work!"

All morning we struggled against the jungle. By noon we had cleared a path no more than six feet deep and I was completely exhausted. The combination of the night before and the hot, humid jungle had taken a toll on my body. As the noon break was whistled, I barely made it to the shade of a tree before collapsing. Exhaustion consumed me and I lost consciousness.

I was awakened by a boot slamming into my sides.

"Get up! You lazy whore! Get up and get back to work!"

I struggled to my feet but the world was spinning so fast I couldnít keep my balance. I fell down on my hands and knees, shaking my head in an attempt to clear it. The heat was suffocating and I felt as if I couldnít breathe. The guard grabbed my hair and jerked my head up.

"You get back to work! NOW!"

I shook my head and tried to speak, but my tongue wouldnít work properly. The only sound coming from my throat was a gargle as I tried to explain my fatigue. Through clouded eyes, I saw the rest of the prisoners standing still, watching me as I babbled nonsense.

"Throw her on the truck! Weíll deal with her later!" The words spoken angrily had little impact on me at the moment as I felt hands lifting me and carrying me over to the truck. I was thrown on top of the bed where I blessedly lost consciousness once again.


* * * * *



The next sensation I felt was the movement of the truck as it rode over the bumpy road back to the prison. Opening my eyes, I saw the other women staring at me with such pity that I assumed they all knew of my previous nightís ordeal. Little did I know at that moment that they knew far more than I. Soon we were back in the prison yard where I was rudely pulled from atop the truck bed by two of the guards. The matron appeared and talked with one of the guards in language I couldnít understand. An angry look came over the matronís face as she turned to where I stood, still groggy.

"You have been disobedient! We do not permit disobedience! You will be punished!"

I stood meekly, not sure of what I was supposed to do. Beg forgiveness? Fall down on my knees and plead with her? The answer came swiftly.

"Put her in the box!"

I was dragged over to a small shed at the side of the prison yard. A roof and four sides of corrugated tin, it sat only a couple of feet above the ground. A slanted front contained only a small door made of the same material. The door was swung open and I was thrust inside.

The interior of the shed was dug out another two feet, allowing me to sit upright but not stand. The smell inside was stifling. Only a bucket of water occupied the interior beside myself. I cringed as the door slammed shut and I heard a lock close on the outside.

In minutes, the temperature of the shed approached 120 degrees. Sweat poured from my body and soaked my shirt through and through. My throat was parched and I looked to the bucket of water, but it had a film of something green on it and I hesitated to drink. After an hour, I couldnít stand it any longer. Sweeping the film away with my hand as best I could, I cupped some water in my other hand and drank the tepid liquid.

Thirty minutes later, the cramps began. My stomach felt as if someone had hit it with a hard punch and I doubled up in pain. The urge to evacuate my bowels was so strong that I finally lay in one corner and allowed myself to shit. Putrid, slimy excrement ran out of me onto the dirt floor while thousands of flies appeared from nowhere to feast on my discharge. Weakened, I lay there in my filth, too faint to move.

This cycle repeated itself several times as my thirst overcame the fear of stomach cramps. By the end of the day I was in and out of consciousness. All types of insects attacked my body and there was nothing I could do to repel them.

Time lost all meaning. I know that a night passed and another day came with itís attendant high temperature In my delirium, I dreamed that I was covered with roaches, ants and flies and they were stripping the flesh from my body. I awoke several times, screaming in fear and clawing at my body. I had long since taken off my shirt and my body was now covered with my filth. Severely dehydrated, my legs cramped to the point that I cried out in agony.

Finally the door to the shed swung open and arms reached in to drag me out. The sudden sunlight blinded me as I was dragged across the prison yard, my legs and feet lagging behind my filthy body. When my vision cleared, I saw two posts standing in the middle of the yard. Manacles hung from the top of each. Their purpose was quite clear.

I was led over to between the posts where my arms were lifted over my head and the manacles snapped about my wrists. Then my legs were spread apart and additional shackles were placed around my ankles, leaving me suspended in the shape of an "X". A bucket of water was thrown on me, washing much of the scum off that covered my body.

In a few minutes, the matron entered the courtyard, followed by what appeared to be the entire prison population. Both men and women prisoners filed into the yard and formed a circle around me, standing meekly as their eyes sought to avoid my body. From the rear of the group of prisoners stepped one of the guards who had assaulted me the night before. Stripped to the waist, he held an eight thonged whip in his hand.

The matron stepped to the center of the yard, standing just a few feet in front of me. Staring at me with malevolent eyes, she announced my punishment to the crowd.

"Disobedience will not be permitted in this prison. Punishment will be severe and swift! Guard, thirty lashes for this insubordinate prisoner!"

I cried out in dismay as I heard the sentence. Surely, I would never live through thirty lashes of that whip! I struggled but it was useless. I watched as the guard took up a position to my left and slightly behind me. Terrified, I braced myself for the first stroke.


"Unnnhhhh!" The wind left my lungs as my body surged forward from the force of the whip. A raging fire started in the small of my back and quickly spread all over me.


"Ooooohhhh!" My mind was a bedlam of emotions as I fought against the pain that consumed me.


"AARRRRGGGGHHHH!" My scream pierced the courtyard silence as my body gyrated under the pain of the lash. I was shaking my head violently in a futile attempt to dispel the agony.





My arms felt as if they were coming loose from my shoulders as my body jerked and heaved under the whip. Sweat poured from my body and mixed with the welts raised by the lash served to increase the agony of my wounds. I was certain that the flesh had been peeled from my back as the guard paused for a moment. I must think! How many strokes have I received? Only five? Oh, my God!

"Please," I whispered. "Forgive me! Please, donít hurt me anymore!"

My appeal was wasted as the guard lowered the whip into a bucket of water and allowed the leather thongs to soak. The wet leather would be even more effective as he proceeded.

The next ten strokes covered me from shoulder to thigh and left me hanging limply, my head resting on my chest and my hair hanging down in my face. No longer able to scream, I simply moaned with each stroke of the whip as it cut into my flesh. As the guard paused to rest for a moment, I heard the matron announce that half my sentence had been carried out. At that point I was certain I would die before they finished the next fifteen.

My belief was reinforced as I watched the guard take up a position in front of

me, holding the dripping

whip as he eyed the front of my body. It seemed like the world stopped as I watched him dragged the lash across my stomach.









The last stroke had crossed my tits, leaving a vivid red welt across the tender flesh. My body was jerking so hard it threatened to tear my arms from my body. I was consumed with pain. Even my brain was afire with torment. I couldnít escape the whip as it tore into my flesh, rendering me a blubbering, screaming prisoner. On the twenty-fifth stroke I lost complete control of my body and both urine and excrement flowed down my legs. The last five strokes were delivered while I was unconscious.

When I came to, the courtyard was empty. I hung limply, my arms screaming in anguish and my body afire from the whip. It was late afternoon and the sun was disappearing over the top of the prison walls.

I glanced down at my body and was surprised to find that, despite the abundance of livid red welts and wields, I was uncut. Amazingly, my nipples were hard as rocks and my tits were swollen to half again their normal size. I shuddered in the suddenly chill air and straightened my legs so as to relieve some of the stress on my arms.

I waited for someone to come and release me but no one did. Darkness fell and still I hung alone between the two posts. The chill night air caused me to shudder. I was hungry, thirsty and sore, so I cried out in desperation.

"Help me! Someone! Please let me down!

Minutes turned to hours and still no one came to my aid. The full moon illuminated the yard and heightened my sense of loneliness and despair. Barely twenty-four hours imprisonment and my life had become a living hell!

I must have slept off and on even in the uncomfortable position I was held. I kept waking up, freezing as the night breeze brushed against my naked body. No one came to me during the night and by daylight I was almost out of my mind.

As the sun came up over the top of the prison walls, the matron appeared with a

bucket of water and a ladle. Filling the ladle with water, she held it up to my

lips. I drank it eagerly, ignoring the

brackishness. To me it tasted like the elixir of life! Again she filled the ladle and again I drank it dry.

When she turned to leave, I cried out.

"Wait! Please, matron! Please, let me down!"

She turned and stared at me.

"You are to be left there today as an example to the other prisoners." As I tried to plead with her, she turned and walked back into the prison.

As the day progressed, it got hotter and hotter until I was sweating profusely under the sweltering sun. My tongue felt like a wad of cotton and I was having an extremely difficult time swallowing. My arms had long since gone numb and my legs ached from not being able to move them. It must have been about noon when one of the guards sauntered into the courtyard, a smirking grin on his face.

"Thirsty?" he asked, the stupid grin almost breaking out into a laugh. He reached over and pinched my left nipple, causing me to jerk back in discomfort.

"Iíve been sent to turn you loose. But, before I do, youíre going to give me a blow-job."

I stared at him defiantly, intending to do anything but that. But the prospect of escaping this torturous confinement had me ready to do almost anything. When he released my arms, I almost cried out with joy while I rubbed circulation back into my numb extremities. But he didnít unlock the shackles from my ankles. Instead he pushed me forward until I landed on my hands and knees.

"And, before you give me a blow-job, Iím going to fuck you in the ass!"

I shook my body in protest as he moved around behind me. I felt his hands on my hips as they gripped my cheeks and pulled them apart. My thighs were still covered with the remains of my bodily wastes but that didnít deter him for a moment. I felt the tip of his cock poised against my ass-hole just moments before he thrust himself into me.

"OHHHH, GOD!" I cried. "Youíre killing me!"

In and out he slammed against me. It felt like a red-hot poker burning my insides as his belly slapped against my cheeks. I willed myself to relax my muscles so that it wouldnít hurt so much, but the pain was so severe it consumed my mind. My breath was coming in gasps as my body rocked back and forth from his assault. An eternity of hell passed before he withdrew and walked around in front of me. His cock was still hard and covered with a mixture of blood and shit.

"Now, suck it clean, whore!"

I sobbed in utter degradation as I opened my mouth to receive the filthy shaft. As the man fucked me in the mouth, all I could think of was to wish for an early death. When his semen filled my throat, he withdrew just before I puked all over the ground. I could think of no lower state than I had sunk to. My humiliation was complete.


A week passed after my public punishment without further chastisement. I fell into the routine of arising at the break of dawn, eating a small piece of bread and a pitcher of rancid water, emptying my bodily wastes in the bucket provided in my cell and joining the rest of my prisoners in the courtyard for our trip into the jungle.

Our days were brutally hard with work continuing from early morning to late evening. Only the ten minute break for water each hour and thirty minutes for a meager lunch of beans and a tortilla interrupted our continual fight to clear a path through the jungle. Where we were going, I had no idea.

After a couple of days, I was like a robot; either hacking the brush to provide a clearing, or gathering it to burn in the massive bonfire behind the truck.

The jungle was unmerciful. The heat and humidity felled a number of prisoners; mostly American women who were unaccustomed to the ravaging conditions. I was forced to watch at least three suffer the same degradation that I had experienced. One, who I later learned was from California, was hospitalized for three days after her brutal lashing. Those of us who were lucky enough not to be singled out spoke little of the harsh treatment for fear we would be overheard and selected for further debasement.

I saw a number of the Mexican women remove their shirts upon arrival in the jungle and work all day in the nude, oblivious to the stares and obscene comments from the guards. By doing so, they avoided soaking them with their sweat as I and the others did. At night, I would ring out my shirt in my cell and rinse it in the bucket of water, allowing it to dry during the cool of darkness. It was obvious, though, that the material would not last my full sentence and I was told by Maria that no one received more than one shirt during their stay at the prison.

Maria was the Mexican woman who had fought me the first night of my imprisonment. We had become good friends and she had taught me a great deal of Spanish while we worked alongside each other. She told me of several experiences that made my skin crawl. I fervently prayed that I would be able to avoid enduring them myself.

On the tenth day of my confinement, I was met at the truck as we arrived back at the prison by the matron.

"You have a visitor. Come with me."

I was surprised. No one that I knew of was aware of my imprisonment. I followed the matron to the visitorsí area, where the visitors were separated from the prisoners by a screen from floor to ceiling.

Seated in a chair, waiting for me, was my father. Stunned, I sat down across from him.

"Dad! What are you doing here?"

"I received word that you had been arrested and Iíve spent the last week trying to find out where you were. Oh, God, Kathy, what in the world happened to you?"

"I made a bad mistake, Dad. I was arrested for possessing marijuana and sentenced to two years in this prison. Oh, Dad, can you get me out?"

"I donít know, Kathy. I talked to a Mexican lawyer and he says it may be possible, but it will take a great deal of money. Iíll do everything I can. Your mother is worried sick! And you look terrible!"

"I know, Dad. This place is a hell-hole! Iíve already been raped, whipped, sodomized and beaten. Please! Youíve got to get me out of here before they kill me!"

I watched a tear run down my fatherís cheek as I recounted my experiences. I realized I shouldnít have told him of my travails. It would have been better had he not known.

"Oh, God, Kathy! Is there anything I can do now?"

"Just get me out, Dad! Just get me out."

He nodded silently and rose to leave. The matron took my arm and led me out of the visitorsí area as I glanced back over my shoulder. My father was standing there with tears streaming down his cheeks as he watched me go back to my cell.

The next day I was telling Maria about my Dadís visit and my hope to get out of the prison.

"Donít get your hopes up, Kathy," she warned. "Iíve never known anyone to get out of here except by escaping. Even then, Iím sure the jungle swallows them up and no one ever reaches civilization."

That evening, the matron again met me at the truck as we returned to the prison.

"Come with me!" she ordered. I assumed that my father had returned with news of my possible release. I followed her back into the prison but instead of going to the visitorsí area, she took me to a room deep inside the prison. When I followed her through the steel door, I drew back in horror. It was a complete torture chamber! Chains, whips, stocks, racks and every conceivable device of torture filled the small room. At one side, despite the heat, burned a raging fire in a rock-lined pit. Beside the pit stood a male guard, naked to the waist.

Panic stricken, I turned to run but the door had locked behind me. The matron grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

"You have been telling outsiders of your treatment here. Although they have been assured they are the ravings of a seriously ill prisoner, we have been criticized by our administrators. You will be taught that what happens within these prison walls stays behind them!"

The guard moved forward and grabbed me, holding me by both arms. While I struggled vainly, the matron unbuttoned my shirt and stripped it from me. The guard dragged me over to the rack and threw me on my back. While he held me in place, the matron raised my arms over my head and locked them in place within a wooden stock at the head of the rack. She then placed my ankles in a similar restraint, leaving me helplessly confined. Slowly she turned a wheel at the foot of the rack, stretching me until I cried out. My shoulders screamed in agony as my body was stretched to its fullest.

"We have ways of making sure that our prisoners keep their mouths shut! However, if you wish to scream, you may do so. These walls are completely soundproof and no one will hear you except for Manuel and myself."

"Please", I moaned. "Iíll be good! I wonít say anything! Please donít hurt me!"

Ignoring my appeal, the matron reached beneath the rack and brought up two wires with alligator clips attached to the end. When she clipped them on my nipples, I screamed in anguish. The jaws of the clips bit into my tender flesh and glancing down, I could see droplets of blood around the edges.

The pain I suffered at that moment was nothing compared to what I felt when she turned on the electric current. My body exploded in a paroxysm of agony and my eyes rolled back into my head as the electricity flowed through my tits. I started to bounce up and down on the wooden rack despite the tension imposed upon it. My bladder emptied and my mouth opened In a silent scream as things began to turn black.

After what seemed an eternity, the current stopped and I collapsed. I was gasping for breath and my body was covered with sweat.

"Oooohhhhh!!! Ooooohhhhh!!! Ooooohhhhhh!!!"

Unnoticed by me, the guard named Manuel had reached under the table and produced a third electric wire with a thin metal cylinder about six inches long attached. Coating it with a layer of ointment, he inserted it into my pussy.

"Oh, God! Oh, No! Oh, God, you canít. . . ."

The electric surge sent me into another convulsion that was even worse than the first. My body bounced up and down, my lips peeled back into a hideous grin, and ungodly noises came from deep in my throat.


When the current stopped, I was panting for breath. My body felt as if someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. Before I could catch my breath, the current hit me again.


An eternity passed before the current stopped. I was barely conscious and unable to focus my eyes. Drool ran down my cheeks and my tongue felt as if it were three times its normal size. My shoulder hurt like hell and I guessed that I had dislocated it in my thrashing around.

The matron peered down at me as if to see if I were still alive. Satisfied that she hadnít succeeded in killing me, she turned to Manuel.

"Manuel, place her in the cage for the rest of the night. Weíll give her lesson number two tomorrow."

As the matron left the dungeon, Manuel released me from the rack. Since I was unable to even lift a finger, he picked me up and carried me over to a small cage; no more than four feet in height or width and three feet wide. Pushing me inside, he closed it and locked the gate, leaving me crammed inside unable to move. My legs hung out of the sides of the cage and the steel bars cut into my pussy. Moments later, I felt the cage lifting from the floor until it was suspended some five feet in the air.

Manuel poked me and grinned.

"Senora will be back tomorrow. Have a pleasant night!"


* * * * *



Sleep was impossible. I spent a tortured night, swinging in the cage above the floor of the dungeon. My body screamed in pain, forcing me to spend the dark hours moaning in anguish. The hours passed slowly and I had all but given up hope when the door to the dungeon opened and the matron and Manuel entered once again.

As I was lowered to the floor, I pleaded with my captors.

"Please, matron, I promise not to complain again. Please let me return to the work group!"

"You will most certainly be put back to work in good time, punta! But first, we must make sure you have learned your lesson well."

The cage was unlocked and Manuel pulled me from it. My legs were so numb, I was unable to stand without his help. His arm about me cupped my breast and squeezed it while he grinned at me lewdly.

I dared not protest, even as he drew my arms out in front of me and fastened handcuffs about my wrists. Half dragging, half carrying me, he led me over to an upright shaft of wood; well worn, I thought, from the bodies rubbing against it. Lifting my arms over my head, he hooked the cuffs over a catch high above me. I was able to stand on my tiptoes barely to keep from placing all of my weight on my shoulders. My breasts pressed against the smooth wood as I glanced over my shoulder in apprehension. I saw the matron pick up a length of rubber hose about three feet long, swinging it through the air, testing its flexibility.

I cannot describe the agony I endured for the next hour. The matron, using all of her strength and dexterity, placed that hose against my back and butt until I lost complete control of my bladder. The pain was unimaginable as I screamed until my throat was hoarse. After the first ten strokes, my legs collapsed and I hung limply by my arms; my body twisting under the pain of the hose with my breasts and belly rubbing against the wooden shaft. When she quit at last, I was drenched with sweat and my breath was coming in short gasps. I was sure that she had ruptured my kidneys and broken one or two of my ribs.

Faintly, I was aware of being lifted from the post and carried over to a wooden chair, where my arms and legs were strapped down, preventing my movement. Not that I would have been able to. My chin rested on my chest while I still fought for breath and my hair hung down in my face.

I was next aware of a clipping noise and suddenly saw my hair falling in great bunches on my legs.

The matron was cutting off my hair!

"No! NOOOO!!" I cried as tears ran down my cheeks. "Not my hair!"

Silently the two jailers worked. I sat sobbing while I watched my hair fall about me. Not satisfied with the shears, they next lathered my head and shaved me as bald as a babyís butt. I struggled some, but the restraints held fast.

Then the matron moved around in front of me and began to lather my pubic hair. In disbelief, I watched while she delicately shaved my pussy. When she had finished, the only hair on my body was my eyebrows.

As Manuel released the straps holding me in the chair, the matron stood over me.

"You are denied clothing for a month. You will receive one meal a day. The most demanding job on the work group will be yours. If I hear that you dawdle at all in your duties, you will be brought back in here immediately. I donít have to tell you that a second trip to this room will be much more severe than this. Now, get up! Manuel will take you back to your cell!"

I stood uneasily, suffering the deepest humiliation I had ever experienced.

Perversely, I wished for a mirror to examine the ghastly results of the razor. As Manuel opened the door, I obediently followed him out; a well-chastised prisoner.


* * * * *



I had no sooner reached my cell than the guards came to take me to the work group. I was so exhausted from my ordeal of the previous evening and lack of sleep that I was certain I could not survive a day in the jungle. Nevertheless, the guards grabbed my arms and shoved me down the hall toward the courtyard where the other prisoners were assembled.

When the guards saw my shaved body, they laughed and pointed at me, increasing my sense of deep humiliation and degradation. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I joined my fellow prisoners, attempting vainly to hide my nakedness. Maria placed her arm around me in a gesture of comfort as we boarded the flat-bed truck that would take us into the jungle.

At the end of the trail, I was handed a machete and assigned to be the point in clearing out the dense growth. After no more than an hour, the jungle had taken its toll on my body; leaving scratches and welts from the loose branches and draining me of what little energy I had left. As the world began to spin around, I sank to my knees and dropped the knife. Sweat was pouring from my body and my tongue seemed like it was swollen to three times its normal size. I shook my head, trying to clear my vision while all I could see were black spots before my eyes. My ears were ringing and I fought the desire to sleep. I was now on my hands and knees and my body was shaking uncontrollably.

Faintly I was aware of my arms being grasped by strong hands and my body lifted from the ground. In a stupor I felt myself being dragged along, my legs trailing me limply while my head hung down between my upraised arms. I tried to speak but only mumbled sounds came from deep in my throat. I slowly became aware of a terrible pain in my shoulders and I lifted my head and struggled to open my eyes.

I discovered my wrists had been tied together with a length of rope and the remaining length thrown over a tree limb. I had been lifted in the air and the rope tied off so that I was dangling like a piece of meat with my feet several inches off the ground. My body twisted slowly at the end of the tether and I could see two of the guards standing in front of me, their mouths in a twisted grin as they removed their belts from their trousers.

They began to whip me cruelly with the belts as I swung helplessly at the end of my tether. I screamed until my throat was raw. Huge red welts appeared on my body as the sound of leather slapping against my flesh resounded through the jungle. When they decided I had had enough, I hung limply, my head resting on my chest. A bucket of water thrown on me temporarily revived me as I was cut down from my bindings. Rudely I was taken by the arms and led back to the head of the trail where I was once again handed a machete and ordered to return to work.

When the prisoners were given a break for lunch, I was taken to a clearing and thrown to the ground. The guard who had taken me spread my legs and began to fuck me without hesitation. I closed my eyes, hoping that the experience was only a dream, but the pain between my legs belied that dream.

When I didnít respond to his satisfaction, he would slap me across the face and tits until I moaned in simulated desire. With his semen running down my thighs, I was led back to the trail and ordered to resume work. A small cup of water was my lunch for the day.

How I survived the afternoon, Iíll never understand. Twice more I fainted and twice more I was hauled over beneath the tree, strung up and whipped. After each lashing I was revived with a bucket of water in my face and pushed back to the front of the line. At dayís end I could hardly move. Maria cradled my head in her lap as the truck took us back to the prison.

As the truck pulled into the prison yard, we were met by the matron who eyed me maliciously. When I started to follow the other women into our cell block, she grabbed my shoulder from behind and spun me around.

"Not tonight! Tonight you will be the punta for the hombres!"

Two guards grabbed my arms and led me into the section of the prison kept for men. Unlike the womenís cells, most of the men were kept in a large cell together. As we entered their section, I was greeted with hoots and jeers as a number of the men grabbed their crotch and made obscene gestures. A chill ran down my spine as I realized the ordeal facing me.

"No! NOOO! Donít put me in there!" My pleas fell on deaf ears as the guards unlocked the cell door and thrust me into the menís chamber. Covering my nakedness as best I could with my hands, I stood cringing against the door as it was locked. Behind me I could hear the bestial comments of the male prisoners.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and threw me to the floor. More hands grabbed my legs and spread them apart. As I opened my mouth to scream it was immediately filled with a stinking dick while another was shoved up my pussy. My night of hell was about to begin!



I spent about three days in the hospital after my night with the "boys". I had to be carried out the following morning and I was later told that I was babbling some crazy manta like "fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme..." If thatís true, I certainly got my wish. Before I lost it, I remember three men in me at the same time and I was screaming into the manís dick with all my remaining strength. There wasnít a part of my body that wasnít sore for a week, but I was only allowed the three days in the clinic before returning to the work detail.

After another week of swinging the machete at the front of the path, my body began to adapt to the strenuous exercise. I could literally see the firmness of my muscles develop (rather easily since I was still not allowed to wear any clothing) and I took on a deep copper tone from exposure to the sun. My hair began to grow back slowly and a light layer of fuzz covered my head.

I thought about my night in the menís cell often and I had to admit that I kinda enjoyed it. After the initial shock and pain, I experienced more multiple orgasms than I thought a human being could endure. Well, actually, I didnít in a way. Since I passed out a number of time from the sheer perversion of the action, I canít say that I really endured all of them. Just the memory brought me to a state of arousal as I swung the machete with renewed vigor.

The guards noticed my increased energy and commanded me to work even faster. Sweat poured from my naked body as I moved swiftly through the jungle, cutting a swath that was even difficult for my fellow prisoners to keep up with. The guards were whipping them relentlessly, urging them to work faster to keep us with me. I could tell at a glance that I wasnít the most popular prisoner in the work group.

On the truck while we were returning to the prison after the work day, I could tell that several of the Mexican women were whispering about me. Their glances toward me were filled with malevolence. Even Maria avoided me, pretending that she didnít even know me. I ignored them as best I could, dwelling instead on the memory of my night in the menís cell.

As was customary, we were all herded into the showers once we arrived back at

the prison. The water felt good as it sprayed my body and I held my head up to

catch the stream with my eyes closed, allowing it to wash over me. Suddenly a

fist buried in my kidney and the pain caused me to sink to the floor with a

gasp. Another blow sent me sprawling as I tried to gather my hands and feet

beneath me to rise. I turned my head and saw a half dozen women standing over

me just as a fist hit me fully in the face, blacking me out for a moment and

sending my head reeling. Then I was kicked repeatedly in the back and stomach

as I tried to curl up in a protective ball. I cried out

in protest as blows rained down upon me. The water had turned ice cold and I fought to retain consciousness beneath the attack.

Then I felt hands grabbed my wrists and lift me to my feet while I shook my head to clear it.

Someone began to tie a piece of rope around my right wrist while another did the same to my left. My arms were stretched wide and upward and the ropes tied to the two shower heads on opposite sides of the one I stood beneath. The water was turned off and I stood helplessly, water dripping from my body and my chest heaving as I gasped for breath. My antagonists stood in a semi-circle around me.

"Yankee pig!" one of them exclaimed. "What are you trying to prove? Why do you work so fast?

The guards whip us while they fuck you! You like something up your pussy?"

ĎNo," I whispered, my throat suddenly tight with apprehension. "Iím sorry. I didnít realize. . ."

"Fuck you!" the woman shouted. "You could see us being whipped! Weíll teach you! Weíll teach you a lesson!"

Another prisoner appeared, holding a baseball bat. Where she got it, I have no idea. The woman who had cursed me kicked my legs apart while two more women held my ankles, pulling my legs wide. Then she took the baseball bat and held it against my pussy, the end opposite the handle pressing against my flesh.

"Oh, no!" I cried as her intent became clear. "Oh, God, you canít. . . Oh, God

I canít take that thing! . . .AAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!:"

My scream echoed through the showers as the bat was thrust up inside me. I felt as if my insides were being ripped apart as the woman pushed more and more of the wooden shaft up my cunt, working it back and forth until I lubricated enough to receive more of it. I was shaking uncontrollably now, my screams coming uninterrupted while the bat made its progress up my love canal.

Then they began to slap my tits and face, rocking me back and forth until I was on the verge of passing out. I no longer had the strength to scream, I simply groaned with each blow as my head pitched from side to side.

Finally the assault stopped. I hung limply against the shower wall, the bat protruding obscenely from my pussy, nine or ten inches of it buried deep inside me. As a final gesture of contempt, the hot water was turned back on, drenching me in scalding liquid as I fought against my bonds. I began to scream again as the other prisoners left the showers.

I was barely conscious when I sensed that the water had been turned off. I opened my eyes to see the matron and two of the guards standing in front of me. The two guards were grinning lewdly at my predicament, eyeing the bat hanging from between my legs. The matron was far from being amused, glaring at me with a maliciousness that was hard to describe.

"It appears that you have some differences with the other prisoners. I will give you the opportunity to exact revenge. However, if you fail, the punishment will be yours."

I could do no more than stare at my jailer as the two guards roughly pulled the bat from me and began to untie my hands. Finally freed, I rubbed my arms to regain some lost circulation. I was covered with red blotches where the women had beaten me but it appeared that no permanent damage had been done, even to my pussy.

"Put her in isolation until the contest!" the matron ordered the guards. I wasnít sure just what the contest was, but I had a good idea. I meekly followed the guards out of the showers until they led me to a small steel door just down the corridor. Opening it with a key, they thrust me inside and closed it behind me. Utter darkness descended upon me and I sat down on the bare stone floor to await whatever the matron had planned.


* * * * *



I easily lost all track of time as I sat in the isolation cell, waiting for the "contest". When the door was finally opened, I stared uncertainly at the guard standing at the door.

"Come along, its time," he said simply. I stood and followed him out of the cell.

The guard led me outdoors into the prison yard and I saw that the other prisoners had been assembled, standing in a large group. It was dark, but I had no idea of the hour. As I followed the guard, the prisoners parted until I found myself surrounded by both men and women prisoners. In the circle stood the matron and the other female prisoner who had led the assault on me in the shower. Like me, she had been stripped naked and her body appeared to have been oiled. Her flesh glistened in the spotlight that shown down on us from one of the towers and her eyes continued to flash hatred as they stared at me. I stood impassively as the guard applied oil to my body until I, too, was like my opponent. The matron motioned for the two of us to meet at the center of the ring.

"You will fight until the other is unable to continue. The loser will be put on the cross for two days.

You may begin now."

As I wondered just what she meant by the cross, the woman swung her fist at me, catching me flush on the chin. I flew backwards, landing on my back, my head in a daze. Immediately she was on top of me, straddling my body with her hands about my throat. As I gasped for air, I thrust my open hand upward toward her face and succeeded in knocking her backward. I rolled over, covering myself in dust in the process and leaped to my feet. Warily, the two of us circled each other, looking for an advantage. The female prisoners were shouting words of encouragement to my adversary, the men just shouting obscene comments. I began to sweat from a mixture of exertion and stress.

Simultaneously the two of us leaped toward the other and we came together with a loud slap as our bodies pressed against each other. We fell to the ground and began to roll about as I tried to get a head lock while she squeezed her arms about my waist. She suddenly twisted around and knelt on her hands and knees as I tried to grasp her by the head. An elbow caught me flush and knocked me backward, sprawling in the dirt. My tongue explored my lip and tasted blood as I rose again and advanced toward the woman.

I threw a right and connected with the side of the womanís head, sending her sideways to land on her stomach. She was quickly to her feet and her eyes showed a new respect for me. My days at the head of the clearing had given me much more strength than I had when Maria and I had first fought on this same yard. It seemed incredible that it had only been two months since that first night. I rushed at her and hit her again, once more knocking her to the ground. Landing on her stomach, she rose to her hands and knees groggily, shaking her head. I had her!

As I rushed her again, she turned and threw a handful of dirt in my face, blinding me. I raised my hands to my eyes trying to clear them, but leaving myself unprotected. A fist buried in my stomach, driving the breath from my lungs and doubling me over in pain. Another punch to my jaw straightened me up for a brief moment before I fell over backward. A roaring in my ears bewildered me until I realized it was the other prisoners screaming for blood. My blood!

Blows began to rain down on me, to my face and breasts. I tried to raise my hands in defense but for some reason I couldnít lift them. Blood ran down into my mouth and I choked from swallowing it. Through a painful and swollen nose I could smell the musky odor of a womanís sex. With one eye barely open, I saw my opponent straddling me, her pubic hairs just inches from my face. Her hands reached down and began to choke me once again. I began to lose consciousness and my struggles grew weaker.

"Enough!" I heard the matron shout, although it came to me as almost a whisper.

"Let the whore be taken to the cross!"

I was lifted to my feet by two guards and dragged through the cheering crowd.

Someone spit in my face as I passed and another struck me between the shoulders.

Dimly I could see a wooden post across the yard toward which I was being taken.

As we grew nearer my heart sank. Attached to the post was a cross-member about waist high. Where the cross-member joined the post was a stubby wooden dildo jutting up and out at an angle.

Upon reaching the post, the guards lifted me and positioned the dildo at the entrance to my ass. My legs were spread apart and I was lowered until the wooden shaft was buried in my butt. While I cried out in pain, my legs were lifted and bent back until they rested on top of the cross-member where the guards lashed them down with leather straps. My legs were now spread open as far as they could go and my pussy was completely exposed. As tears streamed from my swollen eyes, my arms were brought around behind the post and lashed together at the wrists and forearms with leather straps.

"Bring me the pear!" the matron ordered and one of the guards approached her with a metal contraption that looked like a large egg at the end of a handle. Taking it from the guard, the matron turned and thrust the egg end of the contraption into my pussy while I gasped in shock. Then she began to twist the handle and the egg began to expand! Larger and larger it became until I thought my cunt would burst. My screams echoed through the yard while I watched in horror at the mutilation of my sex.

When I thought that I could no longer stand the pain, she stopped and stepped back. Sobs racked my tortured body as I hung suspended on the cross with my pussy stretched beyond belief. The plug up my ass felt like a baseball bat and my legs ached something fierce from being stretched so wide.

I must have passed out, because when I came to I was alone in the courtyard. The sun was up and it was growing hotter by the moment. Sweat poured from every pore in my body and every muscle screamed in protest as I hung forlornly in penance. As the sun reached its zenith, I was babbling like an idiot; my tongue swollen and my lips parched. I drifted in and out of consciousness. Minutes seemed like hours and hours like a lifetime. I prayed for a death that was to be denied me.

Near dusk Maria appeared with a canteen of water. Holding it to my lips, she helped me to drink my fill and then poured the balance of the container over my head to cool me. Through glazed eyes I smiled as best I could and whispered my thanks.

"I pray for you," she whispered in return, her hand caressing my face. A tear ran down her cheek before she turned and hurried away.

As the sun descended below the walls of the prison, it became cooler and cooler. I began to tremble and shake as my sweat became goose-pimples. This only aggravated the post up my ass and the pear in my pussy, bringing sobs from my throat in response. My despair was approaching insanity when one of the guards suddenly appeared.

I mistook his removing the pear from my pussy as an act of kindness and whispered my gratitude. He smiled sadistically while dropping his pants to his ankles. A huge erection greeted my startled eyes just moments before he thrust it into my gaping cunt. I gasped as he began to thrust in and out of me, his balls slapping against my ass-cheeks. Surprisingly, I began to experience a rising sensation that overpowered my agony. With short, panting gasps, the orgasm built inside me until it exploded in one raging burst. I screamed out in ecstasy as his load filled my pussy. As quickly as he had appeared, the guard disappeared, leaving me gasping for breath.

I was visited twice more that night by more guards, taking advantage of my accessible pussy. Each time I reached an incredible orgasm that left me exhausted and dazed. It was incredible that, considering my dire predicament, I could experience such depravity and enjoy it. I actually cried out in dismay when they would leave, hoping for more than they had been able to give.

The sun began to rise for my second day of discipline on the cross and I allowed my bladder to empty on the ground beneath me. I was somewhat thankful in some respects that I had had nothing to eat for my bowels were in no position to evacuate. Steeling myself for the heat that was certain to render my crazed mind senseless, I awaited my release with stoicism. As the sun rose and sweat once again began to pour from my body, I began to hallucinate about the visits I had had from the guards the previous night.

Unlike my first day, the second involved not only the searing sun bearing down on my naked body but a swarm of biting flies that tormented me endlessly. Unable to defend myself, they feasted on the tender flesh of my tits and face until I was screaming in agony. My cries only seemed to encourage them to attack me with more enthusiasm.

So it was, late that afternoon, when the matron came to release me, she found me semi-conscious, babbling my mantra, "fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme" while my body rocked back and forth on the plug up my ass. Unable to stand by myself, two guards carried me back into the prison where I spent two more days in the infirmary.



I was soon returned to the work group and was careful not to outpace my fellow inmates. This brought the wrath of the guards down upon me and I was continually taken aside and whipped for not working harder. Each day was a lifetime of anguish and the evening brought the inevitable visit from one or more of the guards.

I was surprised one day, when one of the guards came to me and told me that I had a visitor. I was to return to the prison immediately. When I arrived back at the prison walls, the matron was there to greet me and warned me that I was to say nothing about my treatment. I assured her that I was not anxious to experience her methods of penance anymore.

She handed me my soiled work shirt to put on. It was the first time I had worn any clothing of any sort in more than two weeks. Gratefully, I pulled it on over my shoulders and buttoned the one remaining button. Then she led me into the visitors room where my father sat with a man I did not recognize.

"Kathy! My God, you look terrible! What happened to your hair?"

"I. . .I cut it off, Dad. It was too much to take care of here in prison.

Donít worry, itíll grow back."

"Oh, Kathy! You poor soul!" Tears streamed down his cheeks and I glanced away for fear that I would be crying soon myself. "Your mother is worried sick about you."

"Its OK, Dad, Iím alright," I said with as much conviction as I could muster.

ĎWhoís that with you?"

I pulled my shirt together in front as I saw the man staring at my tits.

"This is Ramon Sequentes, a lawyer Iíve hired to get you out of here. Ramon is familiar with the judge who sentenced you and thinks he can get him to commute your sentence."

"How much did you pay him, Dad?" I asked with much misgivings. Ramon Sequentes didnít look like he could get honey out of a jar.

"Donít worry about that, sweetheart," father replied. "Whatever the cost , we want you back with us."

"I will need to come visit you to get further information on your crimes," Ramon Sequentes announced.

ĎI bet!í I thought to myself. Probably spend half of what my Dad paid him to bribe the matron to put him in my cell for the night.

The guard tapped me on the shoulder to signal that my time was up in the visitorsí room. I stood and bent over to kiss my Dad on the cheek. As I did, I whispered, "Donít pay this fool any money; heís a fake. Iíll just serve out my time and be home before you know it."

With a smile that belied the terror I felt in returning to my cell, I waved goodbye to my father. Little did I know that a heart attack would take him before I ever saw him again. Unfortunately, he didnít take my advice.




The matron intercepted me as I was being returned to my cell.

"What did you tell them?" she demanded, her eyes burning holes through me.

"Nothing, matron," I replied earnestly. "I told them that everything was OK."

"You lie!" she exclaimed. "Take her downstairs!"

The guard grabbed my arms and turned me around. Half dragging, half pulling, I was taken to a flight of stairs leading down below the prison. After several flights we came to a narrow hallway that led to a heavy wooden door. Inside the door, I gasped as I surveyed the array of devices designed to inflict torture upon any helpless victim brought there. I began to struggle but it was useless.

Ripping off my shirt, the guard threw me down on my back atop a table that was nothing more than an examination table for OB/GYNís. After fastening my wrists above my head to the upper corners of the table, he lifted my legs into the stirrups at the lower end and secured them there with straps. I was breathing heavily when he finished and still struggled but the only movement I could effect was minimal. With my legs spread apart and my sex completely exposed, I feared the worst.

The matron appeared, hovering over me with the most sadistic smile I had ever seen. "We have a little game we play with recalcitrants like you." She laughed sinisterly as she reached beneath the table. As her hand reappeared, she was holding the dreaded electric wires with alligator clips at the end which she proceeded to attach to my nipples. I winced at the initial pain but was not surprised to see my nipples harden in response. My stay in the prison was turning me into a pain slut!

"You remember the shock treatment you received before, donít you?", the matron asked rhetorically as she fastened the last clip to my nipple. I nodded briefly, my eyes fixed on the two wires connected to my tits. "These will remind you of your failures," she added, cryptically.

The table tilted slightly, raising my head a bit and as I stared down the length of my body, I saw the guard wheeling a large container mounted on a stand toward the lower end of the table. Invisible to me was a length of rubber hose descending from the bottom of the container equipped with a plastic nozzle at the tip. The purpose of the container became clear when the matron reached down and shoved the nozzle up my ass.

"We start with a small amount of water; perhaps a quart. You will hold it until I give you permission to release it. If you expel it before I say you can, the consequences will be immediate and severe.

Each stage will require more water. Failure will mean that we start all over.

Do you understand?"

I nodded once again, although I was baffled by her comments. Stages?

Consequences? What was she talking about.

My confusion ended when I felt the water begin to flow into my bowels. The discomfort was slight at first and I squirmed a bit as my gut began to swell.

"Thatís the first stage," the matron announced, shutting off the flow and removing the nozzle. "You will hold it for five minutes."

The five minutes seemed like five hours as the water seemed to expand inside me. A special additive apparently sensitized my inner muscles, causing them to cramp. When the matron nodded, I immediately shot a stream of brown, lumpy fluid out my ass with a loud grunt, accompanied by a fart. All sense of indignity had long since been dispensed with, as far as I was concerned. My only thought was to relieve myself of the painful tightening in my bowels.

Immediately, the nozzle reentered my ass and water began to flow once again. This time I watched in agony as my belly began to swell larger and larger. When I thought I would explode, the matron withdrew the nozzle. "Five minutes!" she ordered as I broke out into a sweat. My body began to quiver and shake as I fought to retain the enema. After what seemed an interminable period, she nodded and I once again spewed the contents of my bowels, accompanied by loud farts and gasps from my lungs. I realized I had been holding my breath for a long time and my chest rose and fell as I gasped, filling my lungs once again with precious oxygen.

"Please," I whispered; my throat raw. "No more, please! I didnít tell them anything! You must believe me."

As I was mewling my pitiful pleas, I heard a door open and close. Stunned, I saw the face of Ramon Sequentes appear between my spread thighs. His inhuman grin told me all I needed to know: My "lawyer" was in cahoots with the prison, just as I had suspected.

"How is she doing?" he asked, casting a glance at the matron.

"We just finished with two quarts. She has yet to fail."

"Good!" he exclaimed. "Iím in time for the good part."

I could imagine what the good part was going to be as the nozzle went back into my ass and the water began to flow. As I shook and trembled, my belly began to swell to unbelievable proportions. I began to sob in desperation while I fought to retain the water. When the matron announced the time, it seemed like her voice was coming from a thousand miles away. The room was a blur and the only thing my mind could grasp was the incredible pain in my gut and the intense desire to rid myself of it. Finally, my resolve gave away to my body and the water exploded from between my legs. Instantly the electric current surged through my tits, sending my body bouncing up and down on the table and my tits flying every which way. My eyes rolled back into my head and my mouth opened wide in one, long hideous scream. I must have fainted, because I awoke with the matron waving smelling salts beneath my nose.

"A poor effort," she pronounced, peering down at me disapprovingly. "Now, we start over."


Time seemed to stand still as my body was pumped full of water over and over again. The matron made sure that I would always reach a point where I couldnít keep from expelling the enema and my body would be sent crashing through a series of spasms generated by the electric current through my nipples. Finally, near exhaustion, I simply lay there as the atrocities were committed on me. The lack of response really pissed them off, because they came up with some more brutal ways of abusing me.

First, my "lawyer" moved between my legs and plunged his cock into my gaping pussy, fucking me hard and fast as my body jiggled from his plunging cock. I glared at him in disgust but he paid me no attention as his hands kneaded and pinched my breasts while his jism filled my cunt.

When he had finished, the guard took his place while the matron watched with her perpetual smirk.

I shut my eyes as if to shut out the horrible degradation, only to receive an electrical shock through my tits that brought a scream from my lips.

When the two men had finished with me, I lay there in complete mortification because my body had betrayed me. I realized that I had responded to their thrusts with those of my own and, despite my predicament, I had moaned my approval of their assault.

While I lay there bathed in self-recriminations, I felt a terrible pain in my pussy. My lips seemed to be torn apart and I cried out while my body jerked in response.

"Easy!" called out the matron, standing between my legs. The pain dissipated fairly quickly and I was aware of her fingers on my labia, doing something that I couldnít see. After a few minutes, whatever she was doing had been finished and the straps holding me to the table were undone. With some assistance by the guard, I was able to slide off of the table and stand next to it. When I looked down between my legs, I screamed in shock.

Attached to my outer labia were two small rings, piercing the flesh like a pair of earrings. Hanging from the rings were short chains attached to small weights. The weights pulled at my flesh, distending the lips of my pussy obscenely. I looked up at the matron in dismay.

"Those will serve as a reminder that you will obey the rules of this prison or else. The next infraction will result in heavier weights. Now, come with us; we have further plans for you and your friend."

Almost in a stupor, I blindly followed the matron and guard, along with my "lawyer", out of the room. It was several minutes before her statement sank in. "My friend?" What did she mean? We traveled down the hallway a brief distance, as I walked bow-legged to adapt to the weights swinging from my pussy, and entered another room just like the one I had left.

Hanging by her wrists from a hook in the ceiling was Maria. Her chin rested on her chest and her hair hung down over her eyes. Her naked body glistened with sweat in the dim light of the room. Beside her stood one of the guards, a whip in his hand. Mariaís body was covered with red welts where her tormenter had struck her. As we entered, she slowly lifted her head and peered out at us with half-open eyes.

"We found out that she had brought you water during your punishment," the matron pronounced.

"Such disregard for our rules must be punished. The two of you will report to work on the rail!"

The rail? I knew of nothing called the rail. It was just as well that I had

not; for I would probably

have fainted on the spot.

Maria was released and the two of us taken once again to the courtyard. There we were put in a leather collar and our hands bound behind our backs. A length of rope was attached to the front of the collar to hang down between our breasts. Maria was made to stand in front of me with her back to me.

"Spread your legs!" came the order and we obeyed spontaneously, as if we had been waiting to be asked. Two guards suddenly appeared with a tree trunk some six inches in diameter and slid it between our legs. Abruptly the wooden shaft was raised until I was forced to almost stand on my tiptoes. The rough bark rubbed against my thighs and pussy; the weights hanging from my labia on either side of the pole. The length of rope was then wrapped around the trunk and tied off, leaving the two of us astride the rough shaft with it hanging from our necks.

"Move out!" cried the matron as the gate to the outer prison walls was opened. At the same moment, a slash from one of the guardís whips creased my back and I almost leaped forward. Instantly the rough surface of the tree scraped at my most tender parts and I cried out in dismay. Again the whip fell and both Maria and I took tentative steps forward; each stride evoking a cry of torment.

Through the small village outside the prison we moved, slowly and agonizingly. Tears streamed from our eyes as a result of the pain and humiliation. The towns-people stopped and stared at us as we made our way to the work detail. Two hours later, when we had reached the rest of our sister inmates, the flesh between our thighs had been rubbed raw and blood dripped down our legs. Only then was the log removed from our bodies. Our hands were released and we were given machetes and ordered back to work as if nothing else had transpired.




My days became carbon copies of the one before. Each morning we were roused from our beds at 5:00 A.M., fed a meager breakfast and loaded on the truck to take us into the jungle where we continued to clear a path for a road. A thirty minute break at noon served as our lunch period with a thin, watery soup and stale bread our repast. Whenever the sun set determined the end of our work day and we were transported back to the prison and returned to our cells. Twice a week we were allowed to shower. A meal was passed through our doors consisting of a piece of meat, a boiled potato and a piece of stale bread. Our water came from a spigot in the cell and was rancid as hell.

Most nights we could expect a visit from one or more of the guards who took great delight in raping the inmates of the prison. Although I learned to expect it, the occurrence always left me feeling dirty and degraded. I was at least thankful that the matron had decided that other inmates deserved punishment more than I and she had left me alone for a couple of days. The rings still pierced my pussy lips but the weights had been removed. Each time I took a step, the metal reminded me of the horrible disfigurement of my body.

The shirt I had been given was in tatters and barely served as clothing any longer. Both sleeves had long since been torn so badly that I cut them off at the shoulders. Enough rips in the body left me almost as exposed as if I had been naked. I was not alone in this regard; most of the women were virtually unclothed. There would be no replacement so we all made do as best we could. Total nudity was not uncommon among the inmates of San Rafael prison. After a while, no one possessed any modesty anyway.

Maria and I were at our usual position at this point in time: Lead workers in the jungle, clearing the brush for the inmates behind us to cart off. The work was hard and hot as we swung the machetes and sweat poured from every pore in our bodies. I was gasping for breath in the hot, humid air and worked by rote, swinging my arm back and forth while my mind was on idle. It was several minutes before I realized Maria was whispering at me.

"Kathy! Kathy" she called softly. I looked up to see her eyes wide.

"What?" I called back.

"Look! The guards have disappeared!"

I glanced behind me and to my surprise she was right. There were no guards in sight. I looked back at Maria. Her thoughts were as easy to read as two inch high headlines. We were going to make a break for it!

Maria dropped her machete and ran into the jungle. I thought the big knife might come in handy so I kept it as I dashed in behind her. The dense foliage slashed at my body, almost blinding me as I ran headlong into the underbrush. I could see Maria a few yards ahead of me as we ran aimlessly forward; desperate to escape the sadistic treatment of the prison.

On we ran, my breath coming in gasps as the brush cut me. As quickly as we were moving, the machete was of no use in clearing the thick foliage. I tasted blood and my cheeks stung where a branch had hit me. In minutes both Mariaís and my shirts were no more than ribbons hanging from our shoulders and I could see multiple cuts on her body as she tore forward. Finally, exhausted and out of breath, we both fell down beneath a large tree. For several minutes we could only gasp for breath as sweat poured from our bodies.

Maria was laying on her back and her breasts rose and fell as she drew in the much needed oxygen. I found myself admiring her well-sculptured body. Surprised and dismayed at the same time, I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her.

"We made it!" Maria exclaimed, a wide grin on her face. Despite the blood pouring from a hundred cuts, she was ecstatic.

"Maybe," I replied calmly. "We still have to get out of this jungle and find a way back to civilization.

I have no idea where we are, do you?"

It was then we heard the dogs.




We were up and running again, thrashing through the jungle without any sense of direction. The dogs seemed to be growing closer and their barking was louder. I could hear the shouts of men above the sound of the dogs and this spurred me on to even greater effort to make our way into the brush. The jungle was so dense, we had no way of knowing what direction we were headed. All we wanted at that moment was to escape the search party.

As we came to a small clearing we were suddenly surrounded by a group of guards, each holding the leash to a huge Doberman. The dogs were barking and snarling at us, straining at their leashes like mad animals. One of the guards shouted some command and the dogs immediately became quiet and sat still in front of their masters. Maria and I sank to our knees in despair. Our attempt at escape had been foiled.

"The matron was right!" shouted one of the guards. "The two tried to escape, just like she said they would!"

"Yes, we will be rewarded tonight!" claimed another. "Bind their hands so that we may take them back to the prison."

"Wait!" cried the guard who had quieted the dogs. "Shouldnít we reward our dogs for finding them?"

A lump grew in the pit of my stomach as I guessed what the guard meant. As the group of men laughed obscenely, Maria and I were thrown on our hands and knees and our legs pulled wide apart. While two guards held me, a third led his dog up to my rear. I could feel his hot breath against my buttocks and heard him sniffing. I tensed as his tongue licked my pussy, sending a shudder through my body. The next thing I knew, the dogís forepaws were around my waist and his cock had plunged inside my pussy. Seething in shame, I could do nothing but kneel there while the dog raped me. The sound of the men laughing as they watched completed my degradation.

I silently cursed myself as I began to respond helplessly to the dogís thrusts. The heat in my pussy grew and grew while my body rocked back and forth to meet the dogís lunges. My near naked body began to sweat and my breath was coming in gasps. I was moaning between gulps and my vision blurred. Nothing mattered now except the orgasm that was nearing explosion inside me. When the dog stiffened, I felt his cum fill my pussy and I screamed in delirium, unmindful of my predicament.

The dog was pulled from my back and another took its place. Again I felt the hot prick enter my pussy and the dog began to shove his meat into me. Seething with desire, I glanced over at Maria and saw that she was also in the throes of rapture as a large dog was plunging her cunt. The entire scene seemed like a fantasy except the growing orgasm inside me was very real. Once again as the dog stiffened, I screamed the signal of my orgasm while my body grew rigid.

I donít know how long it lasted or how many dogs fucked me, but when the last one finished, I collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. My pussy was dripping with dog cum and my thighs were covered with their semen. I lay there for several minutes, gasping and shuddering as wave after wave of gratification swept over me. Through a haze, I saw Maria with one of the dogís pricks buried in her mouth, sucking and licking the slender, pink shaft until it exploded in a stream of cum that covered her face.

Now it was the guardsí turn. My head was lifted to stare into a dark, smelly cock inches from my mouth. Without even thinking, I opened my lips to receive it and began to lick and suck on the putrid shaft of meat. I was completely engrossed with my own sexual satisfaction; nothing seemed too bizarre or obscene for me to do. I eagerly sucked at the prick in my mouth while I felt another sink into my sopping wet pussy. I was oblivious to my surroundings; totally involved in my own sensations.

Time stood still while I indulged my erotic desires. When at last I was laying on the ground alone, I glanced up to see the guards standing around the two of us. As I stood shakily to my feet, I couldnít help but see their leering glances at me. What was left of my shirt hung in shreds and my body was for all purposes naked. I took my shirt off and used what was left to wipe the semen from my face and body. Sensing that the guards were enjoying the show I was putting on, I drew back my shoulders and thrust out my tits while delivering a withering stare at the head guard.

He laughed and moved over to me. Reaching in his shirt pocket, he drew out a

handrolled cigarette and offered it to me. I took it and drew deeply while he

lit it. Ironies of all ironies, I stood,

buck-ass-naked, smoking a joint that had landed me in prison in the first place.

"Enjoy it, Senorita," he smiled. "It may be the last bit of pleasure you experience for a long, long time."

Remarkably, I no longer feared what might happen to me. In thinking about my most recent ordeals, I realized that I was beginning to savor them. Even the pain became erotic after the initial shock. My pussy was still damp from the memory of being fucked by the dogs and guards. I no longer cared what was becoming of me.

At a signal of the guard who had just befriended me, another man moved forward and fastened a collar about my neck. It was just like the one around the dogsí necks except I heard a click in the back of my neck as a lock was placed to eternally fix it in place. I watched as Maria was given the same treatment. Her eyes were red, almost the same color as her hair and she looked at me distraughtly. I tried to smile reassuraingly, but Iím afraid it was more like a grimace as her collar was fastened to the back of mine by a short leash.

With another leash fastened to the front of my collar, and our hands bound behind our back, we were led from the clearing back into the jungle. Imagine our shock and dismay when we had traveled only a couple of hundred yards before coming to the rest of the work detail. Maria and I had been running in circles and we would have burst upon the work crew in a matter of a few more minutes!

A van was waiting for us. Maria and I, along with two guards, got in the van and returned to the prison. The matron was waiting for us as we pulled into the main yard. As we were pulled from the van, she grinned at our discomfort.

"You played exactly into our hands, you two sluts! Now, you have been reported as escaped prisoners! You are no longer listed as inmates of this prison. No one will come here looking for you any longer. As far as anyone knows, you perished somewhere in the jungle."

"Now you will begin to earn your keep," she continued. "But first, you must be taught the error of trying to put one over on your superiors."


I swallow the large cock eagerly, my tongue scraping the bottom of his glans. My breath is coming in grunts as another cock slams into my ass. I am on my hands and knees. My tits swing to and fro beneath me as I am rocked back and forth from the force of my anal rape.

Sweat covers my body as I work tirelessly to bring the two men to climax. I am on my third orgasm of the evening and expect many more before I am returned to the prison.

I have become one of the prison whores. We are a select group, chosen by the matron to provide services to business men from around the world who have heard of the San Rafael Prison harem. Tonight it is two Japanese business men who have flown from Tokyo especially for this occasion.

They will use me for eight hours at a price of $1,000.

Three weeks ago it was an Arab Prince. He paid the matron $2,000 to whip me for six hours straight. I was unable to walk for six days after that little session. Still, I was screaming not from pain but from the multiple orgasms I experienced. I have become a pain slut. Before that was the German banker who hung me by my tits and pissed on me as I fingered myself to orgasm. There is nothing I havenít endured as the matronís chief whore. Men, dogs, burros, and even a full grown horse have had their cocks in my body.

When Maria and I were returned to the prison last month, the matron had two crosses prepared and mounted in the main courtyard of the prison. The crosses consisted of an upright with two cross members the size of railroad ties. The lower tie was placed about thirty inches above the ground and the upper some eighteen inches above it. The guards call it the Cruz de Diablo, the Cross of the Devil.

We were first stripped of the remaining shreds of our shirts and our hands tied to the top of the crosses. We were then given fifty strokes of the whip. Barely conscious, I was lifted and placed on the lower cross beam; my ass resting easily on the broad beam. To my horror, my legs were lifted up and spread out until they rested atop the beam where they were then tied tightly at the ankle, knee and upper thigh. My pussy was gaping open and the muscles in my thighs screamed in protest. Before I could object, my arms were then spread apart and tied to the upper beam at the wrist, elbow and upper arm. I was effectively crucified in the most humiliating and degrading manner.

I watched as Maria was given the same treatment. Then we were left to endure the blazing sun.

For three days we hung there, fed only a meager bit of water from time to time to keep us alive. During those three days, guards would come up and piss on us or abuse our bodies in ways they could only think up. The worst part were the bugs that incessantly tormented us. Flies, mosquitos, and ants found the most tender parts of our bodies and feasted on us without fear of retribution. When the three days was up, I was hallucinating. I imagined that I was being fucked by the Devil himself relentlessly as I screamed out my multiple orgasms. Maria was less fortunate; she died on the cross sometime during the last night.

I was taken to the infirmary where my wrists and ankles were shackled to the cot and a remote-controlled vibrator was placed in my pussy. For six days the vibrator would bring me to the brink of orgasm, only to shut off amid my screams and pleas for sexual fulfillment. After six days, I was taken to the matron where I fell on my knees and begged to become one of her sex-slaves.

And now I find myself servicing two Japanese business men. The one pumping my rear is grunting faster now; I suspect he is about to cum. The one in my mouth has just exploded his wad and I am swallowing furiously. Another orgasm sends me screaming into the manís cock.

I wonder occasionally what might have happened with my life had I not been so foolish as to have had that bag of marijuana. The two year sentence has long since expired, yet I remain a slave to the prison matron. Why? Perhaps its because I want to. My body no longer responds to my will;

I am simply an animal engaged in the most basic of instincts.

There are some benefits to being the matronís sex slave. For one, I donít have to work in the jungle on the day following my sessions with the matronís clients. Iíve been given another shirt to wear when Iím not "performing". And best of all, Iíve been given a different cell, complete with my own toilet and wash basin! On the downside, the matron takes me to the yard once a week and gives me fifteen strokes of the flogger so, as she says, "to remind me that I am her slave." Even these sessions leave me in the throes of a huge orgasm.

The other prisoners look at me now with contempt. They feel above me since I surrendered my body to the matron. Someday they will learn. They, too, will ultimately become tools of the matron.

No one comes to visit me now. As far as they know, I perished in the jungle, trying to escape. Only the matronís clients know differently.

"Oh, God! Iím cumming again! Oh! Oh! OH! UMMMMM!"


The End (or is it?)


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